Alhazred Author of the Necronomicon. By: Donald Tyson H. P. Lovecraft’s compelling character, Abdul Alhazred, is brought to life in this epic tale detailing the. Alhazred is a novel by Cthulhu Mythos writer Donald Tyson. The book is a follow-up to Tyson’s “translation” of the Necronomicon. Like Tyson’s. Alhazred: Author of the Necronomicon is a novel by Tyson portraying the life of the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred, the fictional writer of The.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Nov 24, Dan Schwent rated it liked it Shelves: It had some flaws, as all stories do in one way or another, but I was too busy enjoying the story for them to annoy me. Let it be said at the beginning that this is not a book for children.

The book does not draw on any previous accounts of Alhazred’s life, but portrays him instead as a tragic antihero. Jul 18, Ben rated it it was ok. The Mad Arab grew up and experienced his adventures in the Middle East so it is only proper that Egyptian Gods, Jinn, Ghoul’sIndian Thuggies and sultans play a part with the ever present spectre of the Old ones hidden in the background just outside of everyone’s view.

A Review of Alhazred: Author of the Necronomicon by Donald Tyson

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This is where Tyson shines. I understand this is a lovecrafty book, but as a first in a series it should be able to stand on its own He becomes, unwillingly, the tool of the mysterious Dark Chaos, Nyarlathotep, who repeatedly visits him in dreams.

For me, Alhazred is one of those life-changing kind of books. I recommend this to anyone with an interest in the Lovecraftian Mythos. Brite novel and want to get the bad taste out of your mouth, so to speak. May 02, Michael added it. He has no problem coming right out and telling his readers every disgusting and gory detail — there are several scenes in the book which are not for the faint-of-stomach.


Lovecraft’s work will be delighted by Tyson’s use of the Cthulhu Mythos as Alhazred visits the forsaken city of Irem; astral-travels to the plateau of Leng; journeys along the Nile river; probes the mysteries of Babylon’s ruins; bargains with the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlothotep; tests his wits against the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, Shub-Niggurath; and compares his will with that of a caged Spawn of Cthulhu.

I received a free copy of this book and felt that I would spend some spare time over the summer reading it. Grotesquely punished and mutilated, he is cast out and begins his life as a wanderer.

Abdul Alhazred is attributed as the mysterious author of the Necronomicon.

Donald Tyson — Alhazred: Retrieved from ” https: He put Alhazred’s story back into it’s proper context. Mutilated and near death, he is left to die in the Empty Space, the great desert. Through out his travels Alhazred is bothered in his dreams by Nyalathotepthe dark one.

Even though donal has few ethical standards, Martala is still human, and acts as a foil to his character. Do yourself a alhazrred, go on an adventure that you might not otherwise take: Open Preview See a Problem? Sure enough, it chronicled his meetings with Martala and Altrus, as well as his mutilation. Was so engulfed in the story that I still have trouble escaping years after reading. I would recommend the first half to any Lovecraft fan, or even any fan of Arabian Nights-style adventure, with the warning it may be a bit more gory than you’re used to.


I also had to be aware that I needed it, for what I took from it, could have made me worse, not better. Alhazred doesn’t fit neatly into either category, and often makes decisions some would consider immoral, as well as acts that the average person would consider “the right thing to do”, and instead of applying the same reasoning to each action, he has many different motivations.

No current Talk conversations about this book. Interestingly enough, I kept reading the book hoping to actually understand what the plot was more than anything else. Great adventure story nonetheless.

Views Read Edit View history. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. View all 3 comments. Alhazred tells his own life dpnald, beginning with himself as a poor, handsome boy in Yemen who attracts the attention of the king for his divine skill in poetry. Feb 25, Lloyd Anthony rated it it was amazing. Want to Read saving….

Chip RichardsSusan Farrell. As punishment, Abdul is tortured, brutally mutilated, and cast into the desert, known as the Empty Space. Aug 11, Randy rated it really liked it.

Llewellyn Worldwide – Alhazred: Product Summary

Farria and thugs follow Alhazred through Egypt and do not stop until he is killed for the first time. The spawn of Cthulhu—or as I like to call them, the Little C—are the brethren to Cthulhu, the difference being that their stature and powers are smaller when compared with the Big C.

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