10/12 Meter Modification Instructions. AL (not A or B). The AL needs a kit to modify for 10/12 Meters. Write to us for details. All other units DO NOT require. Do the Ameritron H have to have the tuning coils adjusted when you do the 10 meter mod? I have not done the mod on my H and. the al & h mod is SIMPLE. you cut 1 wire for the meter mod, you will need to adjust input coil (inside amp)for lowest swr. if you do.

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This keeps the front and rear switch wafers on the same band, in sync. Maybe it does not work in all cases, or it is not required with tubes selected by RF parts or Ameritron.

Why didn’t I catch this sooner? Bring it up slowly on a variac with a watt incandescent light bulb in series, if you have one. At this point, I do not know how to fix the clicking problem other than using selected tubes.

Copper Talk: Ameritron AL

When I finished with this amp, I got a good solid watts CW on 80, 40, and 20 meters. The second one is at the lower right, just out of view.


Within a decade, most amps will be using FETs. With the new high voltage fuse OUT, test the power supply first.

Which green wire is it? He went through our club’s licensing classes and Don and I personally were the VE’s present when he took his tests. I was able to salvage the plate ameritrom in this amp because I had some unobtainium Q Dope, a special low loss polystyrene cement. I took out the other support brace after I marked the location for the mounting hole to drill it.

Ameritron Als-600 10 Meter Mod Kit HF

There are others out there like the Amp Lady or even Ameritron who will do great work on amplifiers and other gear. Note some colored nail polishes use metallic or conductive ingredients. Contact the site with comments or questions. But the owner reports it has returned. Modss it’s not clear to you, I would get back in touch with Ameritron preferably by phone in front of the amp with the cover off before you snip.

You can decide for yourself what to think. As radio amateur time is free and one can modify at random time. In the process mosd upgrading and repairing this ALH, I spend a lot of time reading these informative pages to distill the information I needed to complete the work.


See the photos of the disconnection of the wires, as the orange pointer indicates. The bread always falls jelly side down. If your meter is not good at peak power, do not push the amp harder to make it look good on your meter.

ALH 10/12 meter mod

Anyway, thanks to those that replied. Given its damage in the depicted tubeI think it’s caused by parasitic oscillationswhich led to a high voltage. Hello all, I recently purchased an ALH. The ohm resistor did not cure the clicking problem in our case. You should now see normal power supply voltage on the ajeritron meter.

After each modification the amplifier was firmly tested and plates never becames red. The AL- H is sold worldwide and is quite a well-built “budget” amplifierbut by no means easy to repair. To install the Ohm 20 Watt resistor, you have to drill a hole. This is designed differently than a jeter resistor, and will handle a surge current properly, without exploding.

There are other details, but first you must have the W8JI instructions. Then try normal SSB operation.