This Pin was discovered by Christy Reed. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 12 paires de nerfs crâniens Flashcards Preview. UE 5 – Anatomie > 12 paires de nerfs crâniens > Flashcards. Study These Flashcards. L’étude anatomique de la vascularisation de la IIIe paire démontre l’existence de la IIIe paire, associée ou non à l’atteinte d’autres nerfs crâniens, suggère un.

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Exocranial 80 42 7 Endocranial 70 39 26 5. Tumor demonstrated by retrograde venography and sinusography. Right lateral sinus and jugular foramen considerably larger than left.

Addendum Since ves paper was submitted for publication it has come to our attention that two techniques for the demonstration of the jugular foramina one symmetrical bilateral and one oblique unilateral, both combined with stereoscopy were developed and used by W. The clinical findings of several different lesions in the region of the jugular foramen may be indistinguishable. Other lesions derived from structures contiguous to the jugular foramen have been reported to involve the foramen.

Using this projection, however, perfectly comparable views of both foramina are difficult to obtain.

Neurology, On the basis of our anatomic studies and giving necessary consideration to the roentgenographic magnification, generalized enlargement of the jugular foramen without pairee of the contours is probably of pathologic significance only if the sum of its length, width of the pars vascularis, and width of the pars nervosa is 20 mm. Method of measurement of size of jugular foramen, a Width of pars nervosa; b width of pars vascularis; and c total length of jugular foramen.

Note preservation of jugular spine and normal size of pars nervosa in two tomograms at different levels.

The pattern of enlargement and erosion of the foramen serves to distinguish those lesions related to structures within the jugular foramen—tumors of the glomus jugulare, neuromas of nerves IX, X and XI, cranoennes of the jugular vein secondary to vascular malformation Fig.


Pathology of the jugular foramen is indicated radiographically by enlargement and erosion of its margins.

Revilla 58 [Case 1]. Angle tumor by pneumoenceph alography Small X Bernasconi et al. We have observed this finding in 3 cases—an aneurysm of the vein of Galen Fig. The subsequent surgical exploration failed to demonstrate a glomus tumor. Signs of increased intracranial pressure. The latter fact was confirmed by a bilateral comparison of the size of the lateral sinuses on cerebral angiograms and size of the jugular foramina on submentovertex roentgenograms Fig.

Vascular Pathology Though not reported previously, pathologic enlargement of the jugular foramen may occur in vascular malformations. Even with special views Fig. This enlargement is particularly noticeable in the medial portion of the foramen and widening of the petro-occipital fissure may be seen even on the conventional submentovertex view Fig. Chamberlain in the early thirties.

Jugular foramen enlarged and petro-occipital fissure widened in case of neuroma originating from one of three nerves IX, X, XI. Asymmetrical jugular foramina as seen endo- above and exocranially below. Enlargement of the jugular foramen, on the other hand, is a very important finding and is observed in a high percentage of cases of tumors of the glomus jugulare when special projections are used Table 5. Rerilla 58 [Case 3].

Bone defect in J. Miscellaneous Pathology Other lesions derived from structures contiguous to the jugular foramen have been reported to involve the foramen.

The Jugular Foramen in: Journal of Neurosurgery Volume 21 Issue 6 Year

Di Chiro et al. Angle tumor by pneumoenceph alography. Enlargement without evidence of erosion of the contours is of certain pathological significance only when it involves predominantly the pars nervosa. Radiographic correlation of asymmetrical lateral sinuses in late venous phase of carotid angiography A and jugular foramina in submentovertex view B.

Both internal acoustic meatuses enlarged. Using the sum of the width of the pars nervosa, the width of the pars vascularis, and the total length of the foramen as an index of over-all size of the foramen Fig. Note striking sclerosis of mastoid on side of tumor in A.


Neurosciences/La moelle épinière — Wikilivres

Opacification of left mastoid and normal jugular foramina in patient with clinical but no surgical evidence of tumor of the glomus jugulare. Ledoux-Lebard et al 43 so-called lambda film Di Chiro et at. Structures within and passing through jugular foramen. This enlargement of the jugular foramen is secondary to a marked dilatation of the lateral sinus and jugular vein draining these malformations just as lesser variations in size of the normal jugular foramen are determined by differences in size of the lateral sinus.

Revilla 58 [Case 2]. Enlargement of pars vascularis of both jugular foramina in case of aneurysm of vein of Galen in year-old boy. It is of note that the nerve of origin frequently is difficult to determine at operation.

The Jugular Foramen

A unilateral oblique projection with tomography was suggested in Fischgold, H. Aubaniac 3 Exocranial. On the other hand, detailed exocranial and endocranial measurements of the foramen were obtained and in accord with previous workers, we noted a considerable range in the dimensions of the normal foramen Table 1. Though anatoime jugular foramen is visualized optimally by this method, a comparison of both foramina on the same film is made possible.

We found normal internal acoustic meatuses and asymmetrical jugular foramina, the left being considerably larger than the right Fig. Dilatation of the internal jugular vein secondary to vascular malformation is reported for the first time as a cause of enlargement of the pars vascularis of the jugular foramen. Relation of jugular foramina to epileptic seizures and hydrocephalus.