Ansyr introduces Primer, the first product to provide PDF viewing capability on palm-size and handheld computers. Primer enhances the usability. New PDF viewer software from Ansyr Technology Corp. for the Palm OS and Primer PDF Viewer for Palm 05 ($ direct) is compatible with most Palm. Ansyr Technology’s Primer offers the flexibility and convenience of reading PDF files on mobile devices.

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Advanced splitting, merging, stamping, bookmarking, and link Very useful for logos, lines and other document formating using an HTML-like syntax. New filter option, that allows to replace text dinamically without having snsyr modify the source file. OK, so you want to stamp your document. Log in or Sign up. Updated the activex DLL.

I know this is just a beta test and this is what beta is for but I can not give them any comments about the program itself since I can primmer even read pirmer document. Support for up to 5 millions pages. Not that I would have paid Ansyr’s mission is to make mobile access to information easy.

New in version 2. The Ansyr version lets you zoom in as close as you want to read fine print etc. I agree to this site’s Privacy Policy. But during that time I heard reader was comming out and it might be free.

When I did this with reader The entire sheet gets bigger not just a selected area. I hope Adobe fixes this. The ultimate plug-in for Primeg Acrobat.

Open Publish Back to the future! He can be reachedat edgray yahoo.

Primer : : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Open cabinets and closets. I should have e-mailed originally before I put my foot in my mouth. Focus on finding the best Tampa apartments for rent. OK OK I was intrigued that yours worked fine so I e-mail the reader department and got an answer back in 5 minutes. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document’s status or sensitivity.


Prlmer I synced a PDF drawing over to try it out. Viewing documents with Primer is a pleasure because Primer retains theformatting, graphics and fonts of the original PDF document. Ansry at a lot of different properties and see what you are able to find. Ansyr’s Primer no more! New top margin parameter. I tried the 30 day trial version of Primer and found pirmer to work great for what I needed.

Primer’s main targets audience within the federal arena are workersthat require secure access to complex content of scientific, technical ormedical nature. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers believe they accomplished their major goals of upgrading the defensive line and a porous secondary through the draft after going and missing the playoffs for the 10th consecutive season.

I opened the program and my dimensional drawing was so hard to read and so hard to navigate I closed it and have not opened it since. Its main screen comprises mostlya large area for viewing documents and a few small buttons in ;rimer lowerleft-hand corner that prrimer application and document-viewing settings.

Sorry Dave I will let you know what I think of the program now that I can use it. Ansyr’s Primer software is great for the handheld PC user whoneeds to view documents in Portable Document Format in the field or on thego. The Devils have worked for this moment all season long and are relishing in the opportunity to upset the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Debenu Aerialist The ultimate plug-in for Ansyf Acrobat.

Ansyr’s Primer no more!

Advanced splitting, merging, stamping, bookmarking, and link control. Saving a MS Word document as text will lose text formatting fonts and images. New default button restore default parameters. How can you identify your top options? I downloaded the beta about 2 weeks ago. Ansyr is striving to enable users of all primerr devices to view high-value documents and graphics on the road.


You now have until Friday, Jan. Well that is what I get for being so narrow minded to think that since the program is a beta it had to be lack of research or programming error. Support for multiple images embeded in a single or multiple pages. But anyr obvious that Primer is good for anyone who needsto view more than just plain text and simple images.

The ultimate plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. Primer is not fancy, but it does achieve the goal of relieving mobileprofessionals from the burden of carrying hard copies of critical informationinto the field. Documents canbe delivered in digital form with the same portability as paper and usersin the field can access these documents quickly and easily.

This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments. Primer is definitely worth a look, especially by those whoneed to view formatted text and complex images from handheld devices whileon the go. Converted files can be opened with Acrobat Reader.

You can specify the order of images and mix image types. La Segunda Bakery is bringing Ybor City to South Tampa this summer — its signature Cuban bread and guava flips, of course, but also the iconic bricks, wrought iron and globe lights that define the historic neighborhood where the bakery was founded in and still makes 18, loaves a day.