The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, this book Reem Bassiouney For the layperson, there is only one language called ‘Arabic’. For the. The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, this book discusses major trends in research on diglossia, code-switching, Reem Bassiouney. This introduction to major topics in the field of Arabic sociolinguistics Reem Bassiouney is an assistant professor of Arabic linguistics at Georgetown University.

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Arabic has always been important to western linguists.

Thus, the Arabic word for ‘low’, munxafida, agrees with it in gender and is also feminine. These are only some of the things that sociolinguists are concerned with. According to her, placing a great deal of emphasis on the individual’s creative role in code-switching may make one lose sight of the general nature of the process, since, in her view, code-switching is a rule-governed phenom- enon and should be studied as such.

Therefore, they tried to identify the constraints that lead to this distribution pattern of switches.

Chapter 1. A new direction for Arabic sociolinguistics | Reem Bassiouney

Edalacts of tha Arabian paninsula, which arc spoken in Saudi Arabia andtha Gulf araa 2. On this view, switching depends on the topic first and then the afabic.

Charts, maps and tables Chart 3. It is an accurate reflection of a duality that exists in all of us, a duality between our mundane daily life and our spiritual one. Then the phone rang, and the distinguished scholar went to answer the phone. He also claims that these speech events are speech-community specific.


Language policy and politics 5.

In the following example, quoted from Romaine By ‘frame’ he means it is a change in the way speakers perceive each other and perceive the situation.

In MSA existence is expressed by yu: James Dale has been enthusiastic about the book, friendly, resourceful and efficient.

For example, yu-sammok originates from the English verb ‘to smoke’ but is inflected for tense, gender and number in Arabic. English is associated with these, as in the example below In general, I think the ML model is the most promising of them all, for a number of reasons. I am very lucky to have such a reader.

Arabic Sociolinguistics

As was shown in all the examples above, sometimes there seems to be more than one ML at work. Although the theory of ML is indeed valid in certain cases, it does not seem to give a clear- cut picture of what goes on in this diglossic community. First, as was said before, most linguists studying diglossia have not explained cases of switching of this sort, and have tended to study ECA and MSA variables sepa- rately.

The sister wanted to have special treatment from her brother, so she used their shared mother tongue.

Arabic Sociolinguistics – Reem Bassiouney – Google Books

And when they switch consistently, they usually do so for a specific purpose Romaine Of course it shows the amount of pride Egyptians and perhaps all Arabs take in their language. We basically, after five minutes, reached a deadlock. It is the current informal language used among educated Arabs, fulfilling in general their daily language needs. This category includes inflections, determiners, possessive adjectives and intensifier adverbs.

We decided to arbic for lunch, and she started complaining to me in Moroccan Arabic about her Moroccan husband, who did not understand her. There wrabic no examples of the following: Folk literature Ferguson’s definition has been criticised and discussed extensively even by Ferguson himself Ferguson []although it is only fair at that stage to note that he was describing a general linguistic situation; sociolingiistics did not set out to describe Arabic diglossia as language standardisation.


She contends that the fact that people switch from one code to another or from one language to another does not necessarily mean that this switching has a sociolinguistisc motivation.

This is also srabic case in Moroccan and Algerian Arabic cf. Pattern is defined by McCarus In MSA the verb Pahabba means ‘to love’. Therefore there is only one example that can be explained by using the idea of islands, and all the rest of the examples still pose the same problem of having more than one ML, or having a completely different ML according to the 4-M model.

Note the following example, in which the speaker compares and contrasts how old people are cared for in Britain and the Arab world Bassiounwy Thus the following example is a possible structure in Egypt: It becomes clearer over time that without moral support from people who care, the journey is aimless. The following is an example from the data of Belazi et al. It is used in news bulletins, for example.