Free download of asus k42jc user manual. troubleshooting help from experts and users. ask our large community for support.. Asus laptop k42j manual. Asus laptop k42j manual – umbooksdownload download asus replacement laptop batteries asus notebook battery pdf || download replace. Asus K42J Can’t Power On Because HDD Broken

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Keyboard As A Numeric Keypad Now even trying to attach the old one it remains loose.

Thanks for your guide! Choose your language from the options and click “Next. We recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country. Thanks so much for you help! I am looking to get in deeper and re-solder the DC jack. Ranbe also has more than six years of professional information-technology experience, specializing in computer architecture, operating systems, networking, server administration, virtualization and Web design.

Hey I am trying to replace my Asus screen and I was wondering what screw driver should I use? I have a K50IJ and my drive is dead.

K42JC Manual | Laptops | ASUS Global

I remove them and tried to slide the bottom cover but it wont slide. Then mannual wifi stopped working. Try to find the webcam software installed on your laptop and check the settings. Multimedia Control Keys on Selected Models The motherboard is the main circuit board in the laptop. Notebook Pc User Manual France Restricted Wireless Frequency Bands Any suggestions before I open up and have a look? Spread latches on both sides of the memory module and after the module pops up at a 30 degree angle, carefully pull it from the slot mznual the edges.


Thank you, the instructions and photos were great, and it worked for me, K50 series. My ASUS is a little different than your. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you very much for the help. Using Ac Power Search for a new DC jack on eBay using your laptop model number.

Asus K42JC Manuals

Sleep And Hibernate Midhat, Here the bottom cover is divided into parts and is not a single piece like your example.

Thanks a lot very useful guidance. Take a look at this picture: Sir, can you make a tutorial on how to replace the lcd bezel on Asus K series notebook? If anyone could tell me it would be amazingly helpful.

How to Restore an ASUS Laptop to the Factory Settings

Disconnect cables on the bottom of the laptop. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. Refresh the page F5. Dvd-rom Drive Information Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time l42j publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

How to Restore an ASUS Laptop to the Factory Settings |

Is the tutorial applicable to my k40in? Thank you for your help. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. I urgently need to replace the touchpad on this model laptop…I have disassembled up until the end of your tutorial but something is still catching and I am at a bit of a loss and do not want to break anything??


You should get video on the screen even with bad fan. Anyone have a guide how how to replace the DC jack? I have a dead K40IN, The layout is almost exactly the same — it has 2 spring clips holding in 2 removable ddr2 ram modules. Checking Battery Power O42j, I was just wondering whether you could please manuap instruction on how to replace the LCD screen on this model laptop.

PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Hi, I was just wondering whether you could please provide instruction on how to replace the LCD screen on this model laptop.

Click “Next” and follow the on-screen instructions to restore the ASUS laptop to the factory defaults. Thanks for your very useful stuff.