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The SAA has two independent microcontroller interfaces. Alphabetized Parts Part numbers based on the root B, page 61 of datashset You can replace it now. Consignment and warehousing available.

The diagnostic software is now ready to receive commands. Sledge motor and hall output: This is only done when the result of the self-test contains no errors. Hold the sledge motor in its position by controlling the voltage on the motor continuously. Detailed diagnostics and fault finding is possible via ComPair.

IC containing DVD related data e. Menu interface only for Digiboard Empress. During recording, the drive’s laser follows this groove, to ensure consistent spacing of data in a spiral track. Spindle Motor Off 3.


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Spare Parts List The application can react on this with a shock recovery procedure. It corrects asymmetry, performs noise filtering and equalisation, and finally recovers the bit clock and data from the channel using a digital PLL. Therefore, during an access, the servo has to control as well the actuator ab5938fm the sled.

At the same time, address information is stored in this wobbled groove by locally inverting the sign of the wobbled waveform. Activate the terminal emulation program and check that the port settings for the free COM port are: Power Diagram 5 29 Servo Board The gain in both channels is separately programmable. Printed Wiring Board 6.

BA5938FM Datasheet

If necessary, it is now also possible to replace the sledgerack [2] that is hinged in the sledge assy. Service personnel must take precautions to prevent touching this area or components in this area.

Command Overview We provide an overview of the nuclei and their numbers. The device supports many photo detector configurations and output signal modes for RF and servo signals.


Take sufficient ESD measures during dis assembly. Basic Engine Test The servo front-end The servo processor handles the signals for focusing, tracking, and access, but also generates the control signals for the loader block.

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Driver Servo Board The walls of the groove are modulated in a consistent sinusoidal pattern, so that a drive can read and compare it to an oscillator for precise rotation of datssheet disc. Optical Pickup Unit 5. The 1-Source Electronics group of companies provides a full suite of services to the electronics manufacturing industry.

But of course there is a limit to this maximum rotational speed.

(PDF) BA5938FM Datasheet download

It allows the radial loop to be calibrated. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedure other than those specified herein, may result in hazardous radiation exposure. M Main Menu 1.