SOPHISMS. Frédéric. Bastiat. Translated from the French and Edited by. ARTHUR GODDARD. Introduction by. HENRY HAZLITT. Foundation for Economic. Economic Sophisms [Frédéric Bastiat, Arthur Goddard, Henry Hazlitt] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The essays in Economic Sophisms. Bastiat’s “Economic Sophisms”, translated by Dr. Patrick James Stirling, were eagerly welcomed by students of political economy who were not really familiar.

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What I have said of printing can be said of all the tools of production, from the nail and the hammer to the locomotive and the electric telegraph.

Mises Daily Articles

Each person ought to wish, for his own sake as well as for the sake of his fellow citizens, that the production of the country be protected against foreign competition, whenever a foreigner can furnish goods at a lower price. Chiefly he eeconomic abundance with scarcity and shows how protectionism, luddite opposition to technology and automation, and efforts Absolutely brilliant, proving economic theory need not be dry or boring, and also showing how very relevant to sophisks living it remains.

Wheat is grown in all the departments of France, although there are among them enormous differences in fertility; and if by chance there is one department in which no wheat is grown, it is because it would not pay to grow wheat even for consumption there. Yet that is what you protectionists do with respect to industry. Contemporaneously with this, labour, iron, coal, land, food, capital, are in little request in B, and will soon fall in price there.

His logic, too, was powerful. I have also cited the opinion of another Minister of Commerce, M. The people, moreover, find their arguments too clear, and why should they be expected to believe what is so easily understood?


It is a flash of pure genius, a reductio ad absurdum that can never be exceeded, sufficient in itself to assure Bastiat immortal fame among economists. The public has been despoiled of a great part of its wealth and has been induced to give up more and more of its freedom of choice because it is unable to detect the error in the delusive sophisms by which protectionist demagogues, national socialists, and proponents of government planning exploit its gullibility and its ignorance of economics.

Fredereric Bastiat is one of my favorite political economists in all of history, he at once systematically destroys the arguments efonomic protectionist and does so in a way that is extremely enjoyable: Among these copyists, there was one who sought and discovered the means of multiplying rapidly copies of the same work.

I maintain ecknomic, the heavier our taxes on domestic products, the more quickly must we open our batsiat and our frontiers to the goods of foreign countries less heavily taxed than we. You may say, “Here is a machine that has put thirty workmen out on the street. The protectionists are wont to say: Finally, with respect to these heavy taxes that you are using as a justification for the protectionist system, have you ever asked yourself whether it is not the system itself that produces them?

Economy suddenly becomes so much simpler when treated this way. To this end, he wrote this work and you really ought to read it! Instead, I believe that the opposition to free trade rests upon errors, or, if you prefer, upon half-truths.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Let me speak of Bastiiat.

Economic Sophisms (FEE ed.) – Online Library of Liberty

Let us make no mistake, this is a great book, but it is a great book that exists under a bit of a shadow. There is nothing in his conclusions that is not to be found in his premises; he does not demand to do in practice anything that he does not justify in theory.


In the same way, when a worker succeeds in improving his skill, he reaps the immediate benefit of the improvement. Read this short book and you will understand why protectionism and trade barriers are bad for almost everyone. View all 4 comments. But then an ingenious machine is invented that fells the oak, squares it, divides it into staves, assembles them, and transforms them into wine-barrels. While A is always selling, and Economiic is always buying, money passes from B sophidms A.

Frédéric Bastiat’s Economic Sophisms Is Now More Important Than Ever | Mises Institute

The latter wants them abundant, in plentiful supply, and cheap. You can make a product and sell it to me for only half as much of my labor as I should have to expend to make it for myself.

Since A is selling all the time and B is buying all the time, money passes from B to A. If the majority of people had faith in free trade, we should have free trade. It was unfortunate econojic for so long he stood alone, while other “orthodox” economists refrained from criticizing socialism or defending capitalism for fear of losing their reputations for “scientific impartiality,” and so left the field entirely to the socialist and communist agitators who were less timorous in this respect.

A has all sorts of advantages over B.