Beginning Chinese Reader, Part 1 has 13 ratings and 2 reviews. C. said: Never read this, but this is how my father learned Chinese. He highly recommends. While Beginning Chinese Reader was primarily intended as a complement to the Beginning Chinese textbook also by DeFrancis, it can stand. Sometimes I feel a bit like some kind of apostle regarding Mr. DeFrancis’ work, most especially his Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.

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Zio Enzo added it Jul 20, Beyond this, there is of course the marvelous, indeed, ingenious structure to the books which I won’t spend too much cyinese going into here, but suffice it to say that the book places jojn due emphasis on BOTH characters AND their respective combinations and that each character and combination is repeated regularly through the series to avoid under-use thanks to a deliberate and carefully thought-out spaced repetition system.

Textbook Review: Beginning Chinese Reader (John DeFrancis) : ChineseLanguage

In HK textbooks are revised every year, making it impossible for kids to use old books. Xhinese to add to the discussion? By and large these readers are as good as they were when they were first published. His Beginning Readers were extremely useful and I learned much from them. We hope you’ll join us.

If not, why not? Not a very realistic teaching approach because fewer and fewer parents are able to maintain a Chinese speaking atmosphere in the home these days.



He is certainly the grandaddy of Chinese graded readers. Angela Barnell marked it as to-read Aug 29, In addition, I think there has a significant business interest in the last 20 years in convincing teachers and students that the latest and greatest textbooks i.

He highly recommends it for anyone interested in learning to read Chinese. Bgeinning are also audio files available for the whole text of the series: DeFrancis had published, and who used his texts to learn the Chinese language. Beginnning to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

This book is really about the readings that accompany each lesson. Having begun on the Intermediate reader myself, I am constantly amazed at how nearly effortless it is to learn to read Chinese. Plus, beginnung Traditional first and switching to Simplified later on is a whole lot easier to do than the other way around.

Brent Lopianetzky is currently reading it Aug 05, Intermediate Cambodian Reader Franklin E. The first page dedicates the text in memory of DeFrancis. Posted April 11, But there’s another reason.

My deck isn’t ready to share yet but someone had a good partial one up already https: There are support books, and study guides, and whatnot to help your learning, but they aren’t necessary.

Beginning Chinese Reader is still in print defgancis more than 50 years, so while it seems to be a little bit obscure I am apparently not the only person to love it!


After seven years, this series became inappropriate because it depended heavily on storytelling instead of real life situations. Each lesson is cumulative, building upon the characters in the previous lesson. Maybe I’ll try and find the Part 2 of the reader somewhere.

Beginning Chinese Reader, Part II, Second Edition : John DeFrancis :

I still have them. Despite its age, it is not very dated — there are some references to China during the era of the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution that are rather quaint at this point, and some of the vocabulary may no longer be current — but if you are aiming at fluency you ought to one day be able to pick up an older book or one set during the Great Leap Forward and be able to read it.

Laurel added it Nov 29, Ethelion marked it as to-read Mar 19, So we switched to a rezder published in Jinan. Intermediate Chinese John DeFrancis. Dan Gilles added it May 18,