Benzoflex™ by Eastman Chemical Company is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional performance in PVC, polyvinyl acetate and. Product name: Benzoflex(TM) Plasticizer. Product No.: EAN , P, P, P, P, P For example, Benzoflex™ LC plasticizer was designed to Benzoflex™ is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional.

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It is marketed by Genovique under the product name Benzoflex It imparts a dry surface to the vinyl, excellent resistance to staining, and physical properties equivalent to DOP. DINA is a nearly colourless, clear and practically anhydrous liquid with a hardly noticeable odour. TXIB provides low viscosity characteristics in plastisols with good viscosity stability over time. It has been widely used in cushion vinyl flooring for this purpose, usually in conjunction with BBP; this use has however declined greatly in the s as its high volatility causes unacceptable emissions from end products.

It is, however, too extractable to be useful in some of the applications in the medical area where contact with lipids is important. The table also indicates the level of market experience in each application area according to Vertellus High saponification resistance, especially compared to DEHP, due to ASE’s chemical structure; this is especially beneficial for articles which come into contact with water and alkalis.

GTA is used as a plasticizer for cellulosic resins and is compatible in all proportions with cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose, and ethyl cellulose. Some of the alternative plasticisers have a broad application scope, others are more specialised.

Benzoflex Import Data and Price to India –

Some of the substances, for which specific information on market experience has not been supplied e. Three times higher water extraction than DEHP. DEHP has substitution factor 1 per definition, while plasticisers needing lower concentration more effective have lower values, and plasticisers needing higher concentrations have higher effectiveness value.


According to Krauskopf and Godwinit’s preferred use is in PVC flooring products, owing to its strong solvating strength, and it reportedly controls benzolex bleeding into asphalt adhesives. We have not been able to find a price for TXIB for this study. Currently the effective price is only slightly higher than the price of BBP.

The potential for attaining reduced prices with increased production volume has not been investigated by the research made for this study. In medical applications where plasticiser migration is a particular concern, COMGHA demonstrated high extraction resistance in aqueous and oily benzoflwx.

Eastman | Benzoflex – Plasticizer

This of course sets limits to the minimum prices attainable even in a mature market, and some of the alternative plasticisers described may likely remain at higher price levels. The products Soft-n-safe and Benzoflex described in this report are examples of such mixed plasticiser products. However in the existing production setup, it suffered from a variety of technical drawbacks when compared with DINP: The production capacity benzoflrx been 20888 substantially, indicating a bennzoflex demand and market experience.

Triacetin is used as a highly effective plasticiser for cellulose-based plastics. In vinyl sheet flooring, the benzoate enhances processing, while the low molecular weight contributes a hardened, stain resistant surface, due to volatilization, similar to the effect of BBP in flooring. Compounding easier than with DEHP; calendering: The significantly higher price currently may, however, likely be an impediment to widespread substitution.

There may be other producers outside the EU. The table also indicates the level of market experience in each application area according to Lanxess ; interpreted from qualitative text by the report authors.


Sample Report for Indian Import Data of Benzoflex

DGD is the esterification product of two benzoate groups with dipropylene glycol, see structural formula below. Note that Eastman has indicated significant market experience for all traditional DEHP uses, except car undercoating and production of ceramics. The technical description in this report of ten selected alternatives to DEHP, DBP and BBP is based on the producers’ assessments of relevant application 20888 and experience on the market, as well as the evidence of already established practises, especially in the toys, foodstuffs and medical product fields, but also for other end-uses.

Slightly higher viscosity in plastisols Genovique, The research would however not have to start from scratch, as many relevant substances have been investigated for plasticiser characteristics in early research. Another application is inks and behzoflex inks. Front page Contents Previous Next Identification and assessment of alternatives to selected 2088 5 Technical and economical assessment of alternative plasticisers 5.

ATBC consists of citrate with three ester bonded butyl groups and one acetyl group bonded to the fourth available oxygen atom, see the structure below. Note that DGD is described separately in the toxicological assessment.

It is marketed by Lanxess and Eastman under the name Triacetin. The higher polarity results in faster gelling speed than can be achieved with other plasticisers at similar molecular weight and volatility.