Why I am not a Christian: And Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects ( Routledge Classics (Paperback)) | Bertrand Russell Warum ich kein Christ bin. Dez. Kritik an Jesus Christus – Christentum; Bestrafung der Hölle; Verbreitung von Elend und Angst; Sünde wider den Heiligen Geist; Grausamkeit. Warum ich kein Christ bin (Why I am not a Christian) ist ein Essay von Bertrand Russell, in welchem er darlegt, was im.

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You all know the argument from design: Der Schwerpunkt Russells lag auf philosophischen, der Whiteheads auf mathematischen Problemen. Kant, ,ein I say, invented a new moral argument for the existence of God, and that in varying forms was extremely popular during the nineteenth century.

Atlantic Publishers and Distributors. If you say, as more orthodox theologians do, that in all the laws which God issues He had a reason for giving those laws rather than others—the reason, of course, being to create the best universe, although you would never think it to look at it—if there was a reason for the laws which God gave, then God Himself was subject to law, and therefore you do not get any advantage by introducing God as an intermediary.

What really moves people to believe in God is not any intellectual argument at all. Russell verfasste die Principia zusammen mit Alfred North Whitehead, der zeitweise mit seiner Familie in seinem Haus wohnte.

Nach dem Weltkrieg unternahm Russell mehrere Reisen. Mit ihr hatte er einen Sohn, Conrad Russell. In this country, as you know, it ceased to be an essential item because of a decision of the Privy Council, and from that decision the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York dissented; but in this country our religion is settled by Act of Parliament, and therefore the Privy Council was able to override Their Graces and hell was no longer necessary to a Christian.

Available for immediate download. We have always been a species that looked to a chriat beyond our physical realm. Then there is the curious story of the fig-tree, which always rather puzzled me.


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I say that that is fiendish cruelty, and nobody whose natural sympathies have not been warped by dogma, or whose moral nature was not absolutely dead to all sense of suffering, could maintain that it is right and proper that that state of things should continue. The Conquest of Happiness 6 August Do not believe it; it is all nonsense. That is a very curious argument. Then you all, of course, remember about the sheep and the goats; how at the second coming to divide the sheep and the goats He is going to say to the goats: Then there is one other maxim of Christ which I think has a great deal in it, but I do not find that it is very popular among some of our Christian friends.

There is a good deal to be said for that, and I am not concerned to refute it. I do not know how rabbits would view that application.

The idea that things must have a warumm is really due to the poverty of our imagination. You find him quite bland and urbane towards the people who would not listen to him; and it is, to my mind, far more worthy of a sage to take that line than to take the line of indignation. Most people believe in God because they have been taught from early infancy to do it, and that is the main reason.

Februar in Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd, Wales.

Nobody really worries much about what is going to happen millions of years hence. It has all sorts of forms. Then there is another point which I consider is excellent.

Religionskritik: Russell

It is a doctrine that put cruelty into the world and gave the world generations of cruel torture; and the Christ of the Gospels, if you could take Him as His chroniclers represent Him, would certainly have to russel, considered partly responsible for that. It is a conception quite unworthy of free men. Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays 31 December Experts in the fields of theology and religion have dedicated their rsusell to helping people understand these texts and providing a more holistic view of the texts themselves.


As I said before, in olden days it had a much more full-blooded sense. They accept religion on emotional grounds. You all know, of course, that there used to be in the old days three intellectual arguments for the existence of God, russell of which were disposed of by Immanuel Kant in the Critique of Pure Reason ; but no sooner had he disposed of those arguments than he invented a new one, bertfand moral argument, and that quite convinced him.

The geography books count us all in, but that is a purely geographical sense, which I suppose we can ignore.

The laws of nature are of that sort as regards beertrand great many of them. Supposing that in this world that we live in today an inexperienced girl is married to a syphilitic man, in that case the Catholic Church says: The arguments that are used for the existence of God change their character as time goes on.

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Bertrand Russell as a moral force in world politicshttp: There are, of course, a number of them, but I shall take only a few. There are a great many texts that prove berttand. I do not think that I am. It is generally taken for granted that we shall all agree that that was so.

Besonders scharf wurde sein Buch Ehe und Moral kritisiert. I must say that I think all this doctrine, that hell-fire is a punishment for sin, is a doctrine of cruelty. If there can be anything without a cause, it may just as well be the world as God, so that there cannot be any validity in that argument.