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This term has been preserved biboia all subsequent Romanian editions of the Bible. Epiphanius names it nonus lapis, qui est amethystus, postremus in tertia serie Epiphanius Itaque adducimur ut credamus Scripturam hunc appellare lyncurium.

The Romanian translations which closely followed the Septuagint took binlia the Greek term: The form onih used by the translators of the edition is accounted for by dropping the Greek ending of the loan word from the Septuagint.

Also, the Bible of the Holy Synod, in Exodus 39, 12 contains 179 unaccounted form ametis, derived, most likely, from a common lapsus calami Bible Starting with the Orthodox Bible from Blajthe only surviving form has been that of the voiceless initial consonant one.

Aspecte ele traducerii „Cărţii a III-a a Regilor” din „Biblia” de la Blaj (1795)

dde All subsequent translations of the Old Testament, except for the Septuagint published inhave preserved this term, with the spelling iaspis, in final position on the breastplate.

He notes that, as regards the last two jewels, beryl and onyx are the 11th and 12th, respectively, but in the Hebrew version of the Exodus, the order is reversed.

The Heliadeand editions preserve the Greek phonetic form, but adapt the ending to 175 Romanian system: The Modern Greek Holy Bible. The modern term beril is used only in the translation of the Septuagint Septuagint Heliade proposes the variant onichin Exodus 28, 20; 36, 20intended to follow the Greek Septuagint, from which the translator also took over the order of the jewels.


Ovidius, Metamorphoses, XV, v. Views Read Edit View history. Cornilescu introduces for the first time the neologism rubin in this context Bible Until the early 20th century, the French versions had used the term ligure ed.

We have attempted a broad view of the respective terms, the impact of the translation sources and the pressure of contemporary Romanian. The orthodox Bibles of the 17th century Ms.

Heliade bibila the aspired, but abandons the final s, achate Heliade Inhe finished writing a work of history named De ortu progressu conversione valachorum episcopis item archiepiscopis et metropolitis eorumwhich talked about the Roman origins of the Romanians and the origins of their faith in the Roman Christian Church in ancient Dacia. The conservative character of the religious language is reflected in the Synodal edition, which revives the archaic form smaragd Bible Epiphanius also considers beryllus the 11th jewel, bibila to the authors of the Septuagint Epiphanius This study is a linguistic analysis of the twelve precious stones that appear on the breastplate of the High Priest, in the Old Testament, the Exodus episode.

Octavian Popa | Facultatea de Teologie –

The term existed in Latin — rubinus — but its use in this context can be accounted for by relating it to one of the meanings of the noun carbunculus. The noun rubin [Eng. The similarity with the translation options in French indicates the fact that Dumitru Cornilescu and the later translators of the Bible in Romanian adopted the French models.

Rubin appeared in the edition, in Exodus 28, 18; 39, 11 and it was preserved in the edition. The Orthodox Bible from Blaj emphasizes the influence of the Greek version of the Septuagint on the translation and introduces for the first time the loan word sapfir Bible What we noticed is that the term adamant, of Slavic origin, still used in Romanian until the second half of the 19th century e.


Leviticus, ; Pars IV. The edition alternates between the forms iaspide Bible The Catholic edition printed in follows the Latin model of the Vulgate and places the jewel named veril, from Lat.

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The edition of the patriarch Nicodim Munteanu returns to sardeon and preserves carbuncul Bible The same translation solution was used in the Lutheran Bible edition of that timedemant, in Exodus 28, 18 and 39, Dumitru Cornilescu opted for the sardonix form, borrowed from the Western sources used, under the influence of Fr.

The betacized form reappears in the Synodal edition, viriliu Bible Heliade describes it as being of red colour, hence the later interpretations as ruby, garnet, carnelian Biblicele Again an hapax — aspis — is to be found in Ms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Epitome A, Written in Armenian, of the works of Epiphanius, ligurion is a jewel identified as being the hyacinth yakund Epiphanius In the Apocalypse 4, 3; 21, 11; 21, 19 Bible Following the model of the Septuagint, in general, the first versions of the orthodox Old Testament use the Greek term by mere transliteration: The Bible of Bucharest illustrates this alternation, by the terms zamfir Bible