Drongo is a fictional character in Chingiz Abdullayev’s Drongo series. The character first appeared in Blue Angels. Character introduction[edit]. Drongo is a . Azerbaijani Literature Chingiz Abdullayev (born ). Otvetniy Udar, Retaliatory Blow. Back to – Literature Index Back to – Azeri Latin Index ยท Home | About Azeri. Abdullayev, Chingiz Ramiz og graduated from General Medicine Department of Stavropol Medical University in From up to he did his.

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According to the tradition of the 90s, he was dressed in a modest, single-breasted gray suit and blue shirt with no tie.

And you, abdlulayev how everything was, only tonight decided that quick judgment is better than an ordinary judgment. She appeared scared; yes, more scared than surprised.

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Then he went out to his car. Her chinngiz “Madam Polonskaya, let’s first just state all of those who will be present,” Drongo interrupted, somewhat rudely.

Is the house far from the abdullatev But at the first gas station, his car broke down. And so I answered this question. Vascular Surgeon General surgical work experience is 28 years, including 19 chinfiz as a vascular surgeon. He loved climbing everywhere. Maurice was a strong, stocky short man with sharp, coarse features. At first he said some obscene things to George, and then he started a chimgiz argument with Maurice. There are six rooms for guests upstairs, my bedroom and the study of my late husband on the left side, downstairs.


His handshake was strong, but calm, just like a real duke de Rouvroit. Then there’s our neighbor Maurice Lepelliet and his wife Theresa.

Near them in the corner is Igor. Only Dolski sat scowling with knitted brows.

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Who usually would have given him money? That’s why I’m asking for your help. Chungiz tell them that I don’t speak French. But later, he left again later,” said Maurice. Polonskaya, who was dressed in a dark green long dress, was waiting for him.

Take care of yourself. Then came Dolski, George and Igor. There’s almost no chance to solve this, but if we have any, we’ll have to play a kind of farce that our investigation depends on. They all had an excuse to leave – a legitimate excuse. From the first glance, he had not liked this old woman. He left the house, got into the taxi. The Lepelliet family knew it.


Do you have it fhingiz you? She was tall, wearing a dark dress and a big hat. The letter had been forged. I went there quite by accident and discovered this cross. It was he who had asked Albert ‘to tinker’ with the car a bit upon the Countess’ request. In any case, it’s obvious that this Albert had some kind of information. He was almost irresponsible.

It was raining heavily and he stumbled, falling down again right in chigiz mud. Was it something connected with the car? Maurice, Jigunov and Drongo were the first to run there.

Theresa felt very bad. In such a way Drongo was sitting in the very center between Igor and the hostess, and in front of Theresa Lepelliet. She downed the whole glass in one gulp. The murderer is one of those who were present in this room.