Total Guide to Be Cocky and Funny The otherhalf are compiled from the excellent material and ideas from:David DeAngelo () Tyler. That is that you say cocky and funny lines and you get a certain response – attraction. David Deangelo has never supported this type of behavior. Probably a little bit of both. but it’s actually pretty common. or you’re a total weirdo. a very attractive and difficult female.. use it as a guide to boost your confidence and. Jul 4, Thread: Total Guide to Cocky and Funny you want to know about C&F go directly to the source get David DeAngelo’s e-book pure gold!!!.

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If it’s a woman you only met once or twice, and your on the phone with her, use this one.

Total Guide to Cocky and Funny

You’ll also have to close her at some point unless you’re just out to practice your game. If your being too cocky you’ll come across as an arrogant jerk who’s actually trying to hide he’s insecure.

To “phase-shift” means to shift from one of these phases to the next. Big Picture Of Health eBook. I went to the gym today! Unfortunately, you may have to meet dozens, if not hundreds, of women before you’ll find “the one”.

Get Laid Guide eBook. I’ve done it myself many times when I just started out with it: I’ve integrated these techniques into a structure to successfully pick up or seduce toal woman. You’ll never guess what number you are Her: Then when he realizes she’s actually was and still is looking at him he will look away again immediatly.


Reminds me of a birds nest When the woman of your dreams DOES come around, you’re going to have to say and do everything right.

Do you ever want to get married? But if you wanna come across as a strong, confident and interesting guy, this is what you gotta do: Allright that’ll be a dollar fifty Her: And if you don’t deangeli the knowledge and experience to deal properly with women in the first place, odds are you’ll blow it when you finally mee Om meg Vis hele profilen min. Nutrition Guide Intro eBook.

Books in Category Cocky And Funny

What Will The Neighbors eBook. Total Self Confidence eBook. Guide To Flirting eBook.

The other phases are less important, but still have some bearing. With a little bit of luck this one can be soo great.

Cocky And Funny Books

Use this if she doesn’t get a joke or doesn’t understand something simple. What makes you think I want to sleep with you?? If she never stops talking. I’m so sick of all these girls looking at me like a sex object! Use this if she makes fun of herself. He needs to see examples of WHAT to say to communicate that it doesn’t affect him.

Well, I didn’t want to say anything Line 9: When making eye contact with a woman, keep this in mind: If she does the same mistake over and over again, use this one. In any case an important principle is to do the least amount necessary to get to the next phase. It really makes you seem like a confident, funny, interesting guy who’s not intimidated by the womans beauty or personality.


In a nutshell, I put this guide together to help other men do better with women. This guide is designed to give you a comprehensive, user-friendly system in order to be ready when that time comes.

You can download it or order on DVD. After you first kiss a girl, be the one to end the kiss then say this with a straight face. This guy has the perfect cocky and funny attitude! If she gives you a compliment.

You calling my dad a liar? Davkd should work on that. Your chance with her is definitely blown, so don’t do it. This guide is the result of 2 years of my research into the best methods to have more power and choice with the opposite sex. He probably thinks to himself “damn did she just look at me??? The worst example of this, wich is actually very common to see, is when a guy looks at a hot girl, she looks back, huide he immediatly turns away.