Check out Dracula The Musical – The Studio Cast Recording by Frank Wildhorn & Jeremy Roberts on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and. Dracula, The Musical – Show synopsis – Shows D. the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker; Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton; Music by Frank Wildhorn. Dracula Version List 2 / 2 8/02PreludelJonathan’s Amval /02 Into Castle Dracula Wildhorn’s score for short-lived Broadway show Dracula the Musical.

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He contacts Renfield and promises him eternal life in exchange for his service. Prologue – Over Whitby Bay. They kiss, and he bites her neck. Van Helsing hypnotizes Mina again. Having fallen in wi,dhorn with her, he is now unable to bring himself to condemn her to live in death. Arthur yells for her to stop as she prepares to bite.

They urge him to let them bite him. Stagings will be listed on the Dracula productions page as they are announced.

Dracula, The Musical

Don Black Christopher Hampton. Dracula The Brides of Dracula Dracula: Here’s the list from the world premiere production at the La Jolla Playhouse in California: Son of the Dragon.

Here’s the list from the world premiere production at the La Jolla Playhouse in California:. The show was presented in English. Reviews were universally negative, referring to the lyrics as unoriginal, [17] and to the music as monotonous and derivative of both Andrew Lloyd Webber and Wildhorn’s previous productions.

Dracula appears and drains Lucy of blood, dacula the while feeding her his own.

Dracula The Musical

The show played a first season of performances from 23 April through 29 Juneand a second season from 13 September through 2 January Knowing that her only salvation is his demise, Dracula asks Mina to release him from his doomed existence with a Bowie knife he took from Morris. Mina, in England, suddenly hears Dracula’s voice in her head; the Count forebodingly informs her of his imminent journey to England and his desire to be with her.


Mina feels a strange attraction to the Count, despite the fact that he turned Lucy into a vampire. Dracula is not the first time Christopher Hampton and Don Black have worked together. Torn between her devotion to Harker and her darker desires, Mina begins to question what she really wants in life. Dracula suddenly appears and berates the women for disobeying his orders to leave Harker for himself.

When Van Helsing asks if he and Renfield had met somewhere before the madman eerily replies that he knows what happened to Van Helsing’s wife.

Dracula, the Musical – Wikipedia

Realizing this, he throws it off, and just as they overpower him, Dracula appears. That night, Lucy sleepwalks and finds Dracula. Dracula vanishes, reappears outside, and starts crawling up the building. She tells Mina about a dream she just had. Join us for a terrifying and passionate new musical based on one of the most frightening novels ever written.

While the vampire hunters fight with an entire army of vampires, Mina now decides to follow her beloved Dracula into the darkness. Deep drqcula the Darkest Night.

Dracula, the Musical – Broadway Musical – Original | IBDB

All three suitors come to dinner at her house that night: With a raise of his hand, he knocks Jonathan unconscious. Dracula had its Austrian premiere at the Musical Festival Graz.


Dracula, watching from afar, comments drackla he has already corrupted one mortal soul. Early one morning Dracula surprises Harker while shaving, causing Harker to cut himself. Jonathan Harker, a young lawyer from England, travels to Transylvania in order to fix a deal with Count Dracula, who wants to buy a home in London. Dracula Battle Transylvania Van Helsing.

It was also ddracula non-equity premiere of the show. The version of the show licensed by Music Theatre International is based on this production. Meanwhile, Mina tells Van Helsing that Quincey is dead, and they enter the castle. A new German translation was provided by Herwig Thelen. Skip to main content. Dracula advances towards his guest’s bleeding throat but retreats once he catches a glimpse of a crucifix around Harker’s neck.

Mina and Jonathan enter. Hidden, they hear a young child humming, and see Lucy leading a six-year-old into the vault. Van Helsing orders them silent. Van Helsing wants Jonathan to stay behind with Mina, but Mina suggests that she goes with them.

Van Helsing has a private moment as he recollects on his youth and his young, beautiful wife Roseanne. When the infant’s distraught mother enters, begging for the return of her child, Dracula kills her and proceeds to drink Harker’s blood to restore his youth “Fresh Blood”.

More information is available on the Face Productions website. The Musical Mata Hari. Give your creative team an early start with the digital script and score.