Laboratorio de Ecotoxicología Acuática, Junín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina . likes · 2 talking about this · 1 was here. Laboratorio de. Laboratorio de Ecotoxicología Acuática, Junín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina . likes · 1 was here. Laboratorio de Ecotoxicología Acuática (LEA). Laboratorio de Ecotoxicología Acuática in Junín De Los Andes – Contact details, Address Map, Photos, offers, Real time Reviews and Ratings.

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However, there are few studies on the nature of PXR ligands in fish Ekins et al. The presence of a single product of the appropriate size, identical to the reference experiments, ecotlxicologia considered as a positive result. Functional characterization of a full length pregnane X receptor, expression in vivo, and identification of PXR alleles, in Zebrafish Danio rerio.

A cycloheximide-sensitive factor regulates TCDD-induced degradation of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor. Fish were killed by a blow to the head. These clear and consistent changes reaffirm CYP1A transcript expression as a good semiquantitative biomarker for crude oil exposure.

The number of cycles of denaturation phase was selected to catch the exponential amplification, by previous acuahica of each mRNA. For the experiments, juvenile rainbow trout 3.

First, we explored the heavy crude oil effects on these possible biomarkers in wild juvenile rainbow trout that were caught in the La Mina stream, up and downstream of the oil spill. Chemosphere 46 The transcript levels of CYP2M1 declined 1.

Phagocytic activity is higher in EG mussels than in Acuaticq ones under all conditions. Hence, the response of the last ones to crude oil could be less specific but not less useful indicating some metabolic alterations. A Oil remains afloat on the surface of stream water. Biomarker induction in tropical fish species on the northwest shelf of Australia by produced formation water.

This explains the similar response in liver CYP1A transcript levels at 24 and 96 ecotlxicologia during our experiments, without dose-dependent effects.

Masaryk University, Czech Republic, 62 pp. Ecotoxicolkgia, patterns of multiple CYP genes expression in rainbow trout gills and liver could be especially valuable for monitoring programs of crude oil pollution and remediation actions on Acuaticx freshwater ecosystems.


This impairs juvenile fish migrate from the downstream to the upstream reach, but it might not necessarily prevent migration from the upstream to the downstream reach. Petroleum hydrocarbons Spectrophotometric infrared. The study of mRNA expression patterns of multiple CYP genes in rainbow trout gills and liver would be extended in order to evaluate their use for monitoring programs of crude oil pollution and remediation actions on Patagonian freshwater ecosystems.

In vitro effects of endosulfan-based insecticides on mammalian sperm.

The study was conducted in two m-long reaches: Also, we wish to thank Dr. One of these old wellbores is located near to Bariloche city, North West Patagonia, and was under production from up to the s, when it was dismantled leaving a permanent heavy oil spill Mancini and Serna The TPH was 5.

This, along with the fact that its metabolic pathways related to oil contaminants detoxification are relatively well known, makes this species a good bioindicator Moore et al. Liver and gills from four fish were aseptically dissected out and pooled into one sample of each organ, obtaining a total of three pooled samples per organ and per reach.

In contrast, more extended time and high PAH concentration e. Reactive oxygen species ROS production in hemocytes increases with the increase in the pollution load, being significantly higher for EG mussels than for SV ones at DoS; no changes are observed for total oxyradical scavenging capacity TOSC.

Both compound classes caused paralysis and immune impairment. CYP1A mRNA expression is induced by minuscule amounts of diverse aromatic compounds through the aryl hydrocarbon receptor AhR signaling pathway, being a sensitive biomarker of exposure to aromatic hydrocarbon contaminants Uno et al.

Excretion of aromatic hydrocarbons and their metabolites by freshwater and seawater Dolly Varden char. CYP2K1 is the most abundant constitutively expressed hepatic cytochrome P found in sexually immature rainbow trout and it shows an unusually high sensitivity to carcinogens Bailey et al.


Departamento de Química Biológica

The annealing temperatures and primer pairs used during the duplex PCR for each gene are shown in Table I. The riparian vegetation of the reaches is well preserved, with dominance of shrubby plants and the herbaceous Festuca gracillima.

Informe, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 64 pp. Biological monitoring of marine pollutants F. Multiple toxic and bioactive compounds produced by Alexandrium spp. Expression and inducibility of aryl hydrocarbon receptor pathway genes in wild-caught killifish Fundulus heteroclitus with different contaminant-exposure histories.

Departamento de Química Biológica – FCEN, UBA

Nuclear receptor-mediated toxicity of xenobiotics. Anchorage Alaska, Februarypp. B Oil spill sources running towards the stream. Editado por TW Parsons, Bariloche, pp. Identification of a novel mechanism of regulation of Ah dioxin receptor function.

The TPH was extracted from each with carbon tetrachloride and was estimated by the analysis of the triple peak method EPA at three spectral regions: Data was complemented with laboratory exposure to water accommodated fraction WAF from the oil spill. Cytochrome P CYP in fish. As far as we know, this is the first ecotoxicological study on the oil auatica in La Mina stream, and one of the few related studies in Patagonia.

We found induced CYP3A27 transcript levels only in liver of impacted wild trout, suggesting an induction at longer time than four days. United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Since oil exploration and extraction activities acjatica expected to be enhanced in this region in the future, further studies and monitoring programs are needed to protect the quality of valuable water ecosystems, fish production in downstream reservoirs and human health. The rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss is widely distributed around the world and is present in most of the freshwater ecosystems of Patagonia. Fish were kept in 1.