Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Oct 2, , Brigitte Bargetz and others published Equaliberty: political essays. It could be asserted that the spectre of Equaliberty (Égaliberté) has haunted Étienne Balibar’s work for decades. Political Essays, transl. Equaliberty: Political Essays by ÉtienneBalibar(trans. James Ingram).Durham, NC: Duke University Press, pp., £, ISBN.

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Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy, 9: A Tie To Be Tied: Reflections on Transnational Citizenship.

Essays on Political Morality. This moves to the question of today’s crisis. Etienne Balibar – – Iris. In short, there is no suppression of either liberty or equality—if one is suppressed, the other will also be so.

This is a essay to be raised in relation both to politics itself and our conceptualization of it, and it gives the book its topicality. This entry has no external links. The notion is universal insofar as it applies to human beings qua being, irrespective of particular qualities or resources Furthermore, to authentically demand freedom universally is to demand freedom equally, meaning each individual is to be granted the same freedom.

Equaliberty: Notes on the Thought of Étienne Balibar

On the Limits of Political Philosophy. No categories specified categorize this paper. It hints at an aporetic condition determining the political field. Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy.

Human Rights and Political Participation in the 21st Century.

Balibar notes that outcomes of political struggles are always somewhat in-between radically atomistic societies reminiscent of possessively individualist states of quasi- war and total, reinforced homogeneity Balibar Joseph Raz – – Oxford University Press.


However, philosophies of the Enlightenment eqqualiberty be divided into categories of the subject and the individual. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. Etienne Balibar – – Iris. It demands that citizenship not be denied on the grounds of privileges. Balibar terms this a universality, which is both historic and a priori.

James Ingram (ed.), Equaliberty: Political Essays – PhilPapers

Balibar also address what he calls the pseudo-notion that the realization of equality occurs through state intervention, essentially through redistribution, whereas freedom is about limiting this intervention The demand to limit this violence inheres equaliberty, precisely as the proposition demands a constant, contextual practice of repositing the institutional foundations of the political field itself. Balibar argues that the equation pooitical freedom and equality is essential to the modern subjective remaking of right, but this cannot guarantee its institutional stability It pokitical intrinsically fragile and vulnerable, always subject to a differential of insurrection and reconstitution that no purely formal or juridical representation can encapsulate.

As its most fundamental ethicopolitical proposition, equaliberty thereby marks an ultimate aporia.

Thus, to authentically demand equality universally is to demand equality freely i. Sign in to use this feature. First and foremost, to implement both on a practical scale is a matter of negotiation:.

Equaliberty: Political Essays

The University of Chicago Press. The notion itself reappears throughout the entirety of his work; the most differentiated and compiled summary of its fundamentals are to be found in Equaliberty ; first published in French inwhich contains a collection of essays responsive to the term.

However, it should be noted that this is not to say that there are no practical consequences to be drawn from the radical chasm between both dimensions of universality, between the principle of popular sovereignty and an instituted constitutional order That is to say, the truth-proposition, once discovered and here one can indeed account for an Event with a capital E [namely: Studies on Politics and Philosophy before and after Marx.


Duke University Press The last sections of the book illustrate this in practice as Balibar expands on topics that are perhaps more familiar to a contemporary audience — Esssays citizenship, cultural and political issues, recent riots and the struggle for a democracy without exclusion.

Equaliberty: Notes on the Thought of Étienne Balibar

equalibertyy In other words, there is a process of constant negotiation between constituted and constituent forms of power; between the demand for politjcal institutionalisation of universal rights and its actual incorporation into a legal framework.

Your email address will not be published. No keywords specified fix it. However, there is always hope in the fact that contradictory logics are continually reproduced.

Essays in Political Philosophy. This is perhaps the single most significant aspect of Balibar’s thinking insofar as it is able to provide an insight into contemporary forms of crisis that relates them right back to the problems of modernity, offering a significant alternative to traditional Marxist understandings without necessarily rejecting the significance of the economy.

What is Political Philosophy? Hare – – Oxford University Press. Social and Political Philosophy. Politics is constituted by an incessant encounter between its own egalitarian logic and a police logic perhaps especially revealed politicla in struggles over citizenship rights. Balibar comes to terms with the fact that the exception from the law is its own condition of possibility. Duke University Press Andrei Marmor – – Oup Usa.