Etlingera elatior, commonly known as torch ginger, is a tropical rhizomatous perennial of the ginger family that grows to ‘ tall in tropical climates but much. Read fascinating facts and browse beautiful, detailed photos of the torch ginger ( Etlingera elatior): one of thousands of plant species growing at the Eden Project. Etlingera elatior or ‘pink torch ginger’ (Zingiberaceae) are widely cultivated in tropical countries and used as spices and food flavoring.

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An on-line version is also available. Animals were divided randomly into the following groups with eight animals in each group. Antioxidant effects of Etlingera elatior flower extract against lead acetate-induced perturbations in free radical scavenging enzymes and lipid peroxidation in rats. The rate of decrease in the absorbance at was directly proportional to the GPx activity in the sample. Phaeomeria magnifica Roscoe K.

Lipid peroxidation and concentration of glutathione in erythrocytes from workers exposed to lead. Lipid peroxidation will inactivate cell constituents by oxidation and ultimately lead to loss of membrane integrity [ 633 ]. Am J Sci Res. The mixture was heated for 20 minutes, cooled and filtered. The present study showed that lead acetate exposure in drinking water for 14 days resulted in severe oxidative stress.

The results prove for the first time that E. The essential oils of E. This procedure eliminates any interference caused by hydrogen peroxide or elarior ferric ions in the sample and provides a sensitive and reliable assay for lipid peroxidation. Fruiting head greenish elatiot reddish, globose, Environmental Impact Top of page E. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, This etingera an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Etlibgera License http: In cultivation, it is propagated primarily by rhizome fragments Ibrahim and Setyowati, This article was co-authored by Lauren Kurtz.

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Whereas, no significant differences were found between the groups, that received the combined treatment or lead acetate and the extract at 50 and mg. Ind J Exp Biol. Catalogue of the vascular plants of Ecuador.

Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, 5 In Southeast Asia, flowers, fruits, and young and tight buds are consumed by humans as spice in curries, fish soups, stir-fried vegetables and salads. Habitat Top of page E.

Etlingera elatior – Wikipedia

The analysis of phytochemicals in the ethanolic extract of inflorescence of E. Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico. To 3 cm 3 of each extract was added 1 cm 3 NaOH and observed for yellow colouration.

The forms with red or deep red bracts and leaves that are permanently purplish underneath, are more commonly used as an ornamental or as cut flowers, although the pink-bracted ones are equally popular. Prefers consistently moist soils. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

The observed decrease in circulating antioxidants and decrease in serum total antioxidants confirm the lead acetate – induced depletion of antioxidants depletion.

Amomum magnificum Roscoe Benth.

Etlingera elatior

Antioxidant nutrients and lead toxicity. Published online Mar Summary of Invasiveness Top of page E. Genus name honors Andreas Ernst Etlinger, 18th century botanist. The ginger family has a pantropical distribution, with a centre of diversity in the Malesian biogeographic region Kress, ; Kress et al. Received Jan 24; Accepted Mar Appaloosa Creative Commons Attribution 3.


Protein modifications elicited by direct oxidative attack lead to the formation of protein carbonyl derivatives and protein carbonyl content PCC is the most commonly used biomarker for protein oxidation [ 36 – 38 ]. Analysis of essential oils of leaves, stems, flowers and rhizomes of Etlingera elatior Jack RM Smith. Habsah et al [ 16 ] reported that crude dichloromethane and methanol extracts of E.

Nicolaia intermedia Valeton Nicolaia magnifica Roscoe K.

Growing plant Photograph by: Special problems with the extraction of plants; pp. Though the level of PCC was significantly reduced with concurrent E.

The etlintera of the Etlingera elatior plant was used in this research because it is eaten by the local population. Relatively few data are available regarding the antioxidant effect of E.

In Bali, people etlingerx the white part of the bottom part of the trunk for cooking chilli sauce called “Sambal Bongkot”, and use the flower buds to make chilli sauce called “Sambal Kecicang”. Micropropagation of Etlingera elatior Zingiberaceae by using axillary bud explants. Publisher Weinheim Year ISBN – Description An excellent and very comprehensive guide but it only gives very short descriptions flatior the uses without any details of how to utilize the plants. J Food Drug Anal.