fereydoun Moshiri,iranian poet فریدون مشیری. Persian Poetry, Poetry Quotes, Poems, Poetry, Poem. Fati R · Feelings (Quotes, Photos, Paintings and. I began my grad program last week, and was asked to translate a poem. I asked my mother for “The Alley” – Fereydoon Moshiri. On a moonlit. Fereydoon Moshiri was one of the prominent contemporary Persian poets who wrote poems in both modern and classic styles of the Persian poem. A selection.

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Round the sand she turned Washed away the gloom Off its dusty face, Water.

Fereydoon Moshiri

In the violet garden of your eyes I have ferfydoon through paradise, I have reached the best of spring times. O, your departure, the best excuse for crying!

Now, observe this brook a bit: Mosihri remembered the warning that you gave: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In the violet garden of your eyes, Yellow and azure and purple leaves, Green and blue and violet perfumes, Compose unheard melodies, Better than all songs and tunes.

The dust of which galaxy takes them under the magic spell that changes these doves of friendship into grown-up wild wolves? This bright breeze pours out of earth’s heart And blows on all.

He published his volume of poetry titled Teshne-ye Toofan Thirsty for the Storm in the spring of in Tehran. Smooth skies and peaceful night; fortune smiling and time calmed.


So that grass may sing refreshed, river cries. But why then can we not be this way? Moshiri, had been suffering from Leukemia and Renal Failure for almost five years and finally passed away at the early hours on Tuesday, October 24, in “Tehran-Clinic” hospital.

On a moonlit night, without you, I passed through that alley once again.

fereydoun Moshiri,iranian poet فریدون مشیری | پارسی | Pinterest | Persian quotes, Poems and Persian

I think the fresh essence of his works will remain unique for years to come. His cheeks, that are more charming than the blossoms, are the shining chandeliers of the house. It means that he was accepted to use rhymes in a suitable and rational manner and combine it with a new look at Nature, Things and Persons around, along with a delicate feeling and sensation, to present his poems with a characterized feature.

The way Moshiri was taken is the final objective of the originators of the Free Style and poetry. That to kill herself, Time and time again Hit her head against Rock and stone and sand, Water.

Peace and friendship, love and serving mankind as a whole have been the foundation of Moshiri’s poetry in his next book called ” Aah Baraan ” Oh, The Rain published inand his last published work, ” Ta Sobh-e Tobnak-e Ahura’i ” Until the Bright Ahuric Dawn in Moshiri started poetry with Love and Romance when he was a young boy.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Newsletters Be up to date with our latest news. On the velvet glances of the violets I am borne, lighter than a breeze, From the garden’s bed of violets To the violet beds of your eyes Where, side by side, have grown Yellow and azure and purple, Green and blue and violet, In the same modest silence, Among the same songs and scents.


Persian Samples 11

Blissful are those who worship sun and earth For there’s only love and kindness, no hostilities, no hatred. Of the sand dwellers, I am not aware, What the sandy shore Told the tender wave.

Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. Bestow their necklaces to the fields of rice!

And, through this bloody, thorny fence, This barbed wire, May I drink a sip of spring water? The moments of my being are filled with you Ah! About Us Charter for Compassion provides an umbrella for people to engage in collaborative partnerships worldwide.

Translating Moshiri’s “The Alley” | fried brains and toast

You, whose sight is on the gazes of the one you gaze upon— wait for tomorrow, when your heart will be with another. I cannot thank you enough for sharing it here.

His family was known to have a legacy of poetry and whereas his father held administrative posts his school years were divided between Tehran and Mashhad.