An eccentric, fascinating exposé of a world most of us know nothing about.” — The New York Times Book Review “An insightful, entertaining, brainiac sp. Most books on globalization focus on how it changes a culture. But in How Soccer Explains the World, New Republic staff writer Franklin Foer. HOW SOCCER EXPLAINS THE WORLD: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization. Franklin Foer, Author. HarperCollins $ (p) ISBN.

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It’s part of our history.

But the society itself doesn’t change all the much. Apa kaitannya sepakbola dengan pembantaian muslim Bosnia? What are you smoking? Pele hal dan mujizat, keajaiban-keajaiban yang terjadi di dalamnya. Globalization has transformed the international market, and therefore tje football world, in ways that many political theorists and economists did not expect.

He takes very tiny moments and expands them, or rather, explodes them to epic proportions to fit his thesis. Foer explores the impact change isn’t the right word football has on society and nations. On a similar note, Benito Mussolini helped form Farnklin.

Foer doesn’t seem to think so, and even his dinners with polite Italian leftists leave him unhappy with the entire terms of the debate.

Jan 11, Pat rated it liked it Shelves: No Abramovich with his magic wand to exploit wells and cashing money as if they were leaves throughout the fall scocer It’s part of our country.

For people who are soccer fanatics and who know very little about the world around them, the title may therefore be true; but I think for the average person, there’s more to be learned about Aside from the misleading title, this is an excellent book.


Jadi mari kita mulai dari sebuah nyanyian, ya nyanyian. I felt like a nonbeliever watching a religious pilgrimage. When those emotions swell and become uncontainable, the fans erupt into dark, Dionysian fits of ecstatic violence. Naaah, kalo buku ini ditulis taun sekarang sepertinya seru, karena worod pada musim kompetisi berhasil menyamai rekor Liverpool dengan merebut gelar ke Americans are disinclined to view sport via a political lens, since liberals and conservatives alike enjoy baseball, basketball, and American football.

The chapter on Italian soccer uses the rivalry of AC Milan and Juventus as a way of contrasting the power of new money against old money, the open corruption of Berlusconi against the genteel behind-the-scenes string-pulling of the Agnelli family, and newer empires like Berlusconi’s media properties against the traditional businesses like Fiat owned by the Agnellis.

Catholics have their fair share of representation in the universities and workforce.

How Soccer Explains the World Quotes by Franklin Foer

M There are no theories, only stories. Some Americans don’t like soccer for the same reason that P. He provides anecdotes tye each chapter that sho The title is completely misleading.

They smear on substantial quantities of hair care products and expend considerable mental energies color-coordinating socks with belts. Perhaps it’s just how we are, and perhaps there’s still room for parochialism in a world exxplains to homogeneity.

How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization

The Ultra Bad Boys attacked so quickly that neither the cops nor the Partizan fans had time to respond. America has nothing football fans. Jul 07, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet.

Sorry, just had to get that out. Trus bagaimana masyarakat Itali yang menggemari statistik tentang sepakbola termasuk statistik wasit. I’ve come to really enjoy the build up and release of tension that punctuates the games course of action.


Ah, saya mau nyanyi ‘yen ing tawang ono lintang’ saja hahahaha Jadi menurut anda kalau ada pertanyaan, pertandingan bola mana di muka bumi yang paling seru?

There are no theories, only stories. Pertama, ini adalah karya jurnalistik yang sangat spesifik dan mendalam. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that. Better players than the ones we have now have left and we have replaced them. Kebanyakan penggemar bola atau masyarakat akan merasa baik-baik saja selama tim sepakbola mereka berjaya. As Foer acknowledges, soccer fandom in the US is mainly limited to either Hispanics or upper-class whites, without the crucial working-class white support that forms its base in other Western countries, or the cross-class fandom of non-Western countries.

How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization by Franklin Foer

Ada sedikit typo penulisan “baheula”. What amazed us most was that the team was lost! That alone is worth the price of admission.

It has more or less eradicated discrimination in the public sphere. Bagi saya sendiri itu adalah salah satu nyanyian suporter yang orisinil dari Surabaya di tengah nyanyian suporter Indonesia yang sudah mengglobal seperti ‘sore ini kita harus menang’, ‘di mana kau berada kami selalu ada’, ‘cucak rowo versi bola’,’mars slank ala sepakbola’ dlsb yang hampir selau dinyanyikan kelompok suporter sepakbola di tanah air, yang dipeopori oleh kelompok suporter kera ngalam penggemar fanatik kesebelasan AREMA Malang, yang menamakan diri mereka sebagai aremania dan aremanita.