Nonexclusive, royalty-free permission is granted to government and private sector .. Advice to consult the SMACNA HCVA Air Duct Leakage Test Manual was. l Guide For Free Standing Steel Stack Construction SMACNA’s new app for its flagship manual HVAC Duct Construction Standards—Metal & Flexible. SMACNA-HVAC Duct Construction Standards. SMACNA – HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual. SMACNA SMACNA Members click here for free drawings.

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Includes wind uplift pressure test reports confirming superior performance of custom-fabricated metal roofing.

SMACNA Offers Members Many Free Products, Manuals, And Services

With the long-term rising cost of fossil fuels, reducing the energy consumption of HVAC systems is increasingly important.

The only calculator in the industry to include the 0. The manual shows how very low- and very high-risk areas of the country can be accommodated. This is the final session in a three part series. The program helps designers of air pollution control and industrial ventilation systems in selecting reinforcement alternatives in all areas of industrial duct manufacturing.

SMACNA Technical Manuals

Offers a standardized, engineered basis for design and construction of industrial ducts of Classes 1 to 5. Sealants, moisture transfer methods and air leakage are also covered. Methods to identify and remediate lead, asbestos, or other materials that are classified as hazardous materials are not intended to be within the scope of this standard. It provides a process that begins with a walk-through audit.

To order a manual, please complete the appropriate form and email to Bekky. The process works effectively for projects both large and small, simple as well as complex. Includes tables for selection of free standing stacks from 20 feet to feet manuql, and diameters to inches, companion flange, stiffener sizes and stacks with access ladders and platforms.


Guyed Steel Stacks-Welded Lockseam Construction The first edition of the Guyed Steel Stack manual is devoted exclusively to vertical, uniform diameter guyed stacks with welded longseam or spiral lockseam fabrication for at-grade or penetrated roof installations.

Session highlights the considerations in specifying and installing fire dampers, smoke dampers, combination fire and smoke dampers and ceiling smavna in HVAC systems.

Carefully examining the information along with the local climate conditions will enable users to select the proper details for practically any residential architectural sheet metal application.

Covering topics that include roof drainage systems, decks, chimneys, windows, doors and ledges, the new manual presents details and explanations based on and designed for low-rise residential buildings, up to three stories, that are used as single-family and multi-family dwellings. It applies to the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Download all of this and more free from members-only section of www.

Technical Resources

The guide also highlights details commonly used in residential sheet metal work throughout the industry. Understanding the Basics is a comprehensive non-technical manual written to provide an overview of HVAC systems and can be used for self-study, group training, or reference. The standard is applicable for construction using uncoated steel, rfee and stainless steels and a limited range of aluminum ducts.

This powerful app, available today, is actually Web-based. Achieving uniqueness in building construction should start at the top. This presentation will cover the following with respect to rectangular duct: You received a complimentary copy of the fi nal report and a company performance review for your effort.


Blowpipe sections cover design, layout, construction and equipment. In addition to the basic engineering guidelines for the sizing of HVAC ductwork systems, the manual also provides related information on materials, methods of construction, economics of duct systems, duct system layout, pressure losses, smacma selection, duct leakage, acoustic considerations, and Testing, Adjusting and Balancing TAB.

SNIPS – October 10, 2010

Architectural Sheet Metal Manual Update your library. Contractors interested in new opportunities will find market entry guidance and ideas to assist them in the development of new business strategies that target the renovation of existing buildings. This booklet explains manuzl uniqueness of the market, provides examples of shop burden costs, including lists of what should be considered as part of this expense.

The rates in this manual are intended as guidelines paralleling amounts an equipment owner should charge during rental or contractual periods to recover equipment-related costs on a single-shift basis. Changes to the manual include expanded tables for stainless steel and aluminum, expanded tables for duct sizes up to 96 inches in diameter, introduction of a new Duct Class 5 for systems handling corrosives, and spiral lockseam pipe.

Meet Political Club Members. Make a Technical Inquiry. Variable air volume, multi-zone, dual duct and exhaust air systems are examples of the systems specifically covered and time-saving forms mqnual included for precise record keeping during the conduct of a TAB project.