The Foundling (Regency Romances) [Georgette Heyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What happens when a many-titled Duke decides. So when Gilly hears of Belinda, the beautiful foundling who appears to be For over fifty years, Georgette Heyer was the undisputed queen of historical. Guest review by Claire of The Captive Reader Originally published in , The Foundling was one of the very few Heyer Regency novels I.

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Instead, his life had mostly been run by his well-meaning uncle and servants, who are convinced that if he deviates from their instructions, disastrous consequences will ensue. I actually just bought 2nd copies of The Foundling and Charity Girl yesterday: The story works a little better than Charity Girl, but it This is more adventure than romance, and bears a strong resemblance to Charity Girlwith another ‘unsuitable’ female in need of rescue, and handed over to a long-standing friend-come-love interest of the main male character.

He is so precious! I don’t think I’ve read a Heyer before in which a friendship between two men was such a focus, and I liked it quite a bit. We do meet Lady Harriet, the young woman egorgette whom Gilly awkwardly proposes marriage, but I wanted to see much more of a dynamic between them.

She made no appearances, never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point.

Of course he learns valuable lessons along the way. When he learns that his marriage has already been arranged, orphaned Gilly, who is determined to wed for love only, discovers that his intended is the same woman he has secretly loved for years. What fell flat for me was my lack of emotional connection to anyone rhe than Gilly.


Gilly really is the reason this book enchants. The reader catches glimpses of it, but not many. The Foundling ranks among my top rhe favorite Georgette Heyer novels. I do think the romance in this book seemed like something of an afterthought, put in at the end only because Heyer’s readers are used to seeing a pat happy ending.

I really liked your insights on this one. Jan 02, Tiffany Reisz rated it really liked it.

It made for amusing moments but did not make her very interesting. The novel lacked an impetus for me to keep reading, as I knew that surely nothing tragic would befall the characters.

Learn how your comment data is processed. But enough of that.

I absolutely agree that there are similarities with The Thfas well as with Sprig Muslin and a few others. The Duke pretends to be Matthew and goes to deal with the guardian at the Bird in Hand but gets kidnapped. Finally, however, he decides to break free, and the titular foundling is the impetus for much of his adventures. My 21st Georgette Heyer This is not a romance, but a coming of age story.

The Foundling by Georgette Heyer

This sounds like a lovely novel. The Duke is encouraged by his cousin Gideon to set out on the adventure and to avoid his georfette of servants. It’s mostly a coming-of-age story, with lots of adventure, a good amount of farcical humor, and a dollop of romance.

So, again, what gives? Jun 02, Angela rated it really liked it Shelves: He also has his own problems to worry about, including his fight with Lord Lionel and his impending marriage with Lady Harriet.


Review: The Foundling, Georgette Heyer

After the death of his parents at a very young age, Adolphus — called Gilly — was taken under the wing of Lord Lionel, his uncle, and placed under constant care. He has a fantasy that he shares with two of his cousins, of running off on his own to find out what it’s like to georgerte “Mr. I love how funny Heyer is, too. Also, while I liked Gilly a good deal, I’ve got a literary crush on his cousin Gideon.

The Duke to his retinue: Ever read a book then something like 7 to 10 years later you reread that same book? The story works a little better than Charity Girl, but it is still full of rather too much of the things Gilly is trying to escape, which is hard to endure in a book, let alone a whole life.

Book review: ‘The Foundling’ by Georgette Heyer | write meg!

I definitely see the similiarities between him and George Wrotham but, for my part, I do prefer Gideon.

The conversations are interminable, seeming to exist for the sake of using period slang especially that made up by Pierce Egan and not particularly witty to me. Also the teenage me found Gideon more appealing than Gilly. This is Gilly’s coming of age story, and quite an adventure it is, for one who’s been so sheltered.