In the court of King Henry VIII, nothing is free– and love comes at the highest price of all. When Kitty Tylney’s best friend, Catherine Howard. Gilt by Katherine Longshore – review. ‘If you like historical fiction then I would recommend it entirely’. Ellathebookworm. Tue 9 Apr Kitty Tylney has always followed her best friend Cat. Cat is larger than life, full of ridiculous plans and plots, the self-titled Queen of Misrule. Cat wants nothing.

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Tides olngshore the Dark Crystal 3. It mentioned the castle I walked past on my way home from school, which always fascinated and freaked me out because people always said there were ghosts there. I think that if it had been written from Catherine’s point of view it wouldn’t have been as expressive and interesting, but by writing it from Lohgshore point of view, she’s Catherine’s best friend it made it much more interesting because it focused on both Kitty and Cat.

Or was it like the fairy tales, and the things unsewed themselves every night? I couldn’t look away from their friendship, escapades and dysfunction.

Cat then chooses Kitty, Alice and Joan to accompany her at court to wait on her. Kermit is entering his 30th year of teaching, and he’s already put in for early retirement. She’s faced with several choices throughout the novel — whether to obey the Queen or tattle to the King, whether to bilt court or take up with slimey Standebanke — and none of those options are ideal.


I for one, am a biiig fan of hilariously bad television, like Glee, and GCB.

Catherine Howard’s story told via her best friend? Even worse than Voldemort, because Cat had friends, who loved her very much, like Kitty. Longshors was told that this book was sad, as soon as I started it! The only slight annoyance is at times it felt like half the characters had the same name – necessary for historic accuracy, but annoying.

One caveat is the almost unending web of sexual manipulation, innuendo, and promiscuity. Words on Bathroom Walls. See all books longshote Katherine Longshore.

Catherine Howard is probably the wife I learned the least about when studying Henry VIII’s reign in history classes, and even a fictional account of her rise to power in the court taught me a lot longshkre the historical information that Longshore used in constructing this novel.

I so enjoyed how this was primarily a story about Kitty, the main character, discovering her own inner strength and convictions, and only secondarily about her romantic intrigues.

Author Katherine Longshore

It might be due to Carolyn Meyer and her Young Royals series. I’m just grateful she let me keep my head. There were also a few chapters where nothing really happened. Not to mention her loyal best friend, Kitty Tylney, to help cover her tracks.

Ninth Grade Slays 2. But the oongshore is that Kitty was too aware. I would recommend this read to those who enjoy stories from Diana Gabaldon but are in the mood for a good YA read! I didn’t even know ktherine book was about Catherine Howard until Rating: It’s an abusive relationship wherein Kitty is the victim. Is this young adult? I have to admit that, although I’m a huge anglophile, I haven’t taken much more than a passing interest in British history, especially before the Regency era.


Longshore perfectly illustrates the 16th century with jewels, gowns, gossips, castles, liaisons, lies, romance, and of course, the moral and ethics of a time period that is very different from ours, yet not that much.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Buy Gilt by Katherine Longshore at Amazon. I wanted to punch Cat in the kayherine chapter.


After the death of It was this desire to see her rise up and fight for the good in this story that made me keep turning the pages. That was Catherine like that narrows it down.

Better still is her strong katehrine heroine, who is amiable and relatable, even as she falls prey to Howard’s manipulations.

They can be read in any order. Anyone can post a reader review, so post yours today! Much like GCB, new young-adult offering Gilt isn’t the most sophisticated adaption of its source material but it is hard to stop reading from the get-go.