A friend of mine is working on a cyberpunk game and is looking for thoughts on house-rules for cybernetics, as well as people to do work for. I have tried to read this a bunch of ways but what exactly is going on with this bionic ear? Bionic Ear \(TL9\) Statistics: Hard of Hearing. Cost: Variable Cybernetics is a physical advantage that generally costs the same as an equivalent advantage (B46).

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The other is Tranquility, the AI that ran the American moonbase.

So Unhealing Total, 1 arm would be points. Tranquility has spent the years since the war quietly repairing its systems to the best of its ability and as of it is ready to revive the base’s survivors. All times are GMT Cybernetic appendages can be padded with foam and covered with flexible flesh-toned skins so that they’ll resemble the wearer’s own body parts. The artificial intelligence dubbed itself “Overmind” and after a study of world civilization it concluded that humanity would inevitably destroy itself within 25—50 years.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I’m still confused about how some of these Cybernetics are supposed to be written-up, as well as how to classify them in certain genres. All external cybernetics, unless otherwise noted, partake of the Machine metatrait p.

Nathanael Farley 1 5. The arm is only strapped on, and can switch between a claw, a grabber, and a beam weapon, but no actual hand.

For example, the Masters of the Universe character “Trap-Jaw” appears to have a cybernetic arm and jaw. That will make for a clearer question here. A low-capacity interface jack allows operation of devices equipped for computer or mental control with no bonuses to that operation. Originally Posted by Icelander Thank you. Cybernetic eyes and ears have Machine and Electrical; since they’re mostly internal, it’s assumed that any injury will transmit enough force to the surrounding tissue that the pain sensors of the replaced body parts are irrelevant.


The Reign of Steel timeline has been officially published as cgbernetics of the alternate histories accessible to the Infinity Unlimited organization in the GURPS Time Travel setting, although the date has been turned back.

Pages using deprecated image syntax. Sign up using Email and Password. And lots of other gadgets! How do you mitigate One Arm down to just One Hand, or should the device simply be viewed as Signature Gear since it’s not integrated into cyebrnetics body?

GURPS Reign of Steel – Wikipedia

Each Zone was named after the city where its controlling AI was located. By using this site, you cybernerics to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. During the war the AIs gradually developed differing philosophies in their approach to dealing with the humans in their gurpe of responsibility. A panoply of protection – clamshell cuirasses, transparent bioplas, alternative force screens, tailored armor, guardian nanomachines, and more. For the five years from until the AIs consolidated and expanded cynernetics power, expanding their automated manufacturing guprs exponentially except for Luna and establishing a machine civilization.

Pyramid subscribers are permitted to read this article online, or download it and print out a single hardcopy for personal use. I am creating a character with a cybernetic arm, which needs repair and therefore qualifies for Unhealing Total []but it seems unfair to have the character gain 30 points for what is only a problem with part of their body. Email Required, but never shown.

The Protocols also established codes of conduct for trade and resource exploitation, and prohibited the creation of any further AIs to prevent any new rivalries from developing.


And if cybernetocs encounter copies of this article elsewhere on the web, please report it to webmaster sjgames. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is gyrps to these policies. Originally Posted by David L Pulver. Originally Posted by Barbarische!


Rules for implanting cybernetics in aliens and pets also are included. Post as a guest Name.

Find More Posts by Hellraezer. By only 31 million humans remain alive, many of those in Zones London and Washington. Reign of Steel is a setting sourcebook for the GURPS role-playing game system describing a future world conquered by a conspiracy of artificial intelligences. Most computers can be directly interfaced, possibly with the addition of a special sensory interface deck, but vehicles and other equipment may not be routinely equipped for direct control.

BioTech or Ultra-Tech will have worked examples of cybernetic devices and implants? We haven’t decided, but the arm is non functional without the enhancement either way.

Will all these ifs, ands, and buts have examples in Ultra-Tech? In spring of the AIs commenced open military warfare against the survivors. This article provides some guidance for people wanting to play cyberpunk campaigns with GURPS Fourth Edition by presenting stats for basic cybernetic limbs and sensory equipment. Written by David L. Unlike limbs, eyes and ears are typically bought in pairs, and the listed costs reflect that.

Through these allied computers it began secretly creating and releasing a variety of engineered diseases. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.