Hermetica The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius in a New English Translation, with Notes and Introduction. The Hermetica are a body of mystical texts written in late antiquity, but believed during the Renaissance (when they became well known) to be much older. The Hermetica are Egyptian-Greek wisdom texts from the 2nd century AD and later, which are . Hermetica: The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius in a New English Translation, with Notes and Introduction (Cambridge)

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Hermetica – Wikipedia

Internet URLs are the best. Technical and theoretical Hermetica. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.

Many hermetic texts were lost to Western culture during the Middle Ages but rediscovered in Byzantine copies and popularized in Italy during the Renaissance. Regarded as an ancient theology, parallel to the revealed wisdom of the Bible, Hermetic philosophy supported Biblical revelation and culminated in the Platonic philosophical tradition.

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It had particular force among those who, like…. A wonderful translation hermetjcum modern hermetic studies! View freely available titles: The world of the Hermetica.

It will be sitting on the corner of my desk until God pulls the shade and turns out my office light. I would recommend this translation to anyone seriously studying hermetkcum Hermetica.


Hermetic writings

However the classical scholar Isaac Casaubon — successfully argued that some, mainly those dealing with philosophy, betrayed too recent a vocabulary. The most valuable aspect, I found, of his introductory essay was the exploration of Hermetism as an ultimately syncretic religious movement that exemplified the concurrent cultural syncretism of first and second century Alexandria.

Of these texts the most important are those ascribed to Hermes Trismegistos by forpus Harranians and now preserved in Arabic, the Book of the Zodiac of the Mandaeans a Gnostic sect still existing in Iraq and Khuzistanthe Apocalypsecorpuss to the biblical prophet Daniel extant in…. Sign in to use this feature.

Think that for you too copus is impossible; deem that you too are immortal, and that you are able to grasp all things in your thought, to know every craft and science; find your home in the haunts of every living creature; make yourself higher than all heights and lower than all depths; bring together in yourself all opposites of quality, heat and cold, dryness and fluidity; think that you are everywhere at once, on land, at sea, in heaven; hermetium that you are not yet begotten, that you are in the womb, that you are young, that you are old, that you have died, that you are in the world beyond the grave; grasp in your thought all of this at once, all times and places, all substances and qualities and magnitudes together; then you can apprehend God.


In this book, ccorpus in antiquity, there is talk of evolution, heliocentricity, and prophesy of a future time when humanity will cease its worship of God. On earth as it is in heaven, huh. All of this combines to make Copenhaver one of the definitive modern sources on early Hermetism. Corpus Hermeticum The Kybalion. Retrieved from ” https: Introduction, Texts, and Translation. The seventeen treatises which make up the Greek CorpusHermaicura hhermetica belong, along with the Latin Asclepius, to the second category.

As above — As in Heaven — Your own mind So below — So on Earth — In your body and environment If we think good, good will follow; if we think evil, evil will follow.

Hermetic writings | Greek texts |

The prophesy about Egypt is stunning. Lists with This Book.

The doctrine of the soul taught in Gnostic communities was almost identical to that taught in the mysteries: The true state of nature is the perfected political state. Everything including all “Religions” are one and have been from the beginning.

Hermes and his readers. Contact our editors with your feedback. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The authors of the Hermetica were among the most brilliant and insightful philosophers of old, and Copenhaver has clearly and succinctly delivered their grek into the hands of modern readers.

The perfect contrasted with the temporal.