One form per child Please type ICPC A REV. 8/ INTERSTATE COMPACT ON THE PLACEMENT OF CHILDREN REQUEST FROM TO Notice is given of. Here you will find the latest information about AAICPC and ICPC, important Forms. ICPCA; Instructions for Completing Form ICPCA; Form ICPC- B. FORMS: *ICPC A Instructions DHSa (PDF) ICPC B Compact on the Placement of Children – Request DHS (A) (PDF).

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For cases with multiple last names, use the youngest child’s last name:. The terms “guardian” and “non-agency guardian” have the same meanings as set forth in Regulation No. Whether an institution is either generally exempt from the need to comply with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children or exempt in a particular instance is to be determined by the services it actually provides or offers to provide. The Compact Administrator and deputies appointed by the executive head of each state under Article VII shall be located in this central state compact office.

Whenever a court, upon request, or on its own motion, or where court approval is required, determines that a proposed priority placement of a child from one state into another state is necessary, the court shall make and sign an order embodying that finding.

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children: ICPC is not used for international placements. The purpose of a visit is to provide the child with a social or cultural experience of short duration, such as a stay in a camp or with a friend or relative who has not assumed legal responsibility for providing child care services.

The receiving state may deny the placement if it finds that the proposed placement is contrary to the interests of the child.

An ICPCB should be prepared and sent in accordance with its accompanying instructions whenever there is a change of purpose in an existing placement, e. An interstate placement of a minor into such a facility must be made pursuant to the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.

A court order finding entitlement to a priority placement shall not be valid unless it contains an express finding that one or more of the following circumstances applies to the particular case and sets forth the facts on which the court bases its finding: Developmentally disabled has the same meaning as the phrase “mentally defective.

Such determination is made on a case-by-case basis. Treatment modalities for chronic conditions may include psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. Placement prior to an adoption, including placements through a public agency, private agencies or attorneys Placements into foster care, including foster homes, group homes and residential treatment facilities Placements with parents and relatives when a parent or relative is not making the placement.


The receiving state Compact Administrator shall make his or her determination pursuant to Article III d of ICPC as soon as practicable but no later then twenty 20 business days from the date the from mailing was received and forthwith shall send the completed A by FAX to the sending state Compact Administrator.

This regulation shall not apply to any case in the sending state 1100a. A lcpc or phrase iccpc appearing in ICPC shall have the meaning ascribed to it by special definition in this regulation or, where not so defined, the meaning properly ascribed to it in common usage. This webinar is intended for agency caseworkers who have been assigned to ocpc case through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children ICPC for the purposes of completing a home for or providing supervision to a child from another state.

In making any such determinations, the criteria set forth in this regulation shall be applied.

The ICPC establishes uniform legal and administrative procedures governing the interstate placement of children. This provision applies to a case which meets the description set forth in paragraph 4 b of this regulation. frm

Interstate Compact on Placement of Children

It will also discuss the steps to submit that referral, including:. The following regulation, originally adopted in by the Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, 10a amended in and declared to be in effect, as amended, on and after July 2, Some or all documents may be communicated by express mail or any other recognized method for expedited communication. A visit may not be extended or cipc in a manner which causes or will cause it to exceed thirty 30 days or the school vacation period, as the case may be.

The Interstate Compact on the Ipcc of Children becomes applicable once the minor is placed for treatment of a chronic condition regardless of whether that child was originally placed in the same facility for treatment of an acute condition.

This regulation was amended pursuant to Article VII of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children by action of the Association of Fprm of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children at its annual meeting of April 29 through May 2, ; such amendment was approved on Jcpc 2, and is effective as of July 2, If a court of other competent authority invokes the Compact, the court or other competent authority is obligated to comply with Article V Retention of Jurisdiction of the Compact.


Placement of a child requires compliance with the Compact if such placement is with either of the following:. Within thirty 30 days of being notified by the sending state or by the custodian s that the custodian s and the child have arrived in the receiving state, the appropriate personnel of the receiving state shall make an initial contact with the custodian s to ascertain conditions and progress toward compliance with applicable laws and requirements of the receiving state.

Placements with Parents, Relatives,Non-agency Guardians, and Non-family Settings The following regulation, adopted by the Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, is declared to be in effect on and after July 2, Within its jurisdiction and authority, the forn court may render such assistance, including the making of appropriate orders, for the purpose of obtaining compliance with this Regulation and ICPC.

The documentation provided with a request for prompt handling shall include: Such recognition and effect shall be given if: Words and phrases used in this regulation have the same meanings as in the Compact, 1100a the context clearly requires another meaning.

Video MP4 opens the presentation in an YouTube window. Within a time not to exceed two 2 business days after receipt of the ICPC priority placement request, the sending state Compact Administrator shall transmit the priority request and its accompanying documentation to the receiving state Compact Administrator together with a notice that the request for placement is entitled to priority processing.

Vorm a reapplication by the sending agency, the receiving state shall determine whether the needs or condition of the 100z have changed since it initially authorized the placement to fotm made. The following forms may be needed for an ICPC request.

Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children

Permission to Place Child: The mandatory forms currently in effect are described below. Such care may be by a relative of the child, by a non-related individual, by a group home, or by a residential facility or any other entity. If it is subsequently determined that the placement in the receiving state appears to be contrary to foorm interest of the child, the sending agency shall arrange to return the child or make an alternative placement as provided in Article V a of the ICPC.