December 5 at AM ·. This roof was refurbished .. DANOSA – IMPACTODAN 5. IMPACTODAN 5 is a cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet, 5 mm thick. Impactodan is a polyethylene membrane chemically reticulated with a closed-cell Depending on its thickness, 5 or 10 mm, Impactodan can improve insulation. PRESENTACION DENOMINACION IMPACTODAN 5 IMPACTODAM 10 ESPESOR EN mm 5 10 DIMENSIONES DEL ROLLO 2 X 50 m 2 X 25 m MODO DE.

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In case of burns caused by hot substance, clean the area with plenty of cold water to remove heat.

Consult a physician if burning sensation persists. Keep away from fire. Use in places with good ventilation, preferably with fire security system.

impactodan |

When manipulating hot product, wear protective clothing helmet, gloves, boots, etc. Avoid contact with skin.

Under normal conditions it is not necessary to use breathing apparatus, it is enough with a good ventilation to minimise risk of overexposure to vapour, fumes or dust.


Thermal decomposition may produce fumes with carbon monoxide, that can ignite in presence of flames or infrared panels.

Bituminous Coating & Primer – TCM Lebanon

According to our experiences and information in our possession, the product has no adverse effect on health if properly handled according to transformation standard systems. Prolonged exposure to hot fumes causes respiratory problems.

No special measures required. It does not degrade with adequate use. Can be separated mechanically in purification plants wastewater.

Currently no ecotoxicological assessments available. Based on the consistency of the impactldan, there is no possibility of dispersion in the environment. Therefore, do not expect any negative environmental effect.

The product is not considered dangerous. The product does not require special labelling. The information contained in this publication is true and accurate. We do not guarantee recommendations or suggestions made here, because the conditions of use are beyond our control.