College or University, Accepts IGETC and CSU GE. Alliant International University, Yes. Arizona State University, Yes. Azusa Pacific University, Yes. DIRECTIONS: Identify courses taken at IVC; list courses taken at other colleges; and/or indicate name of test and score (AP). All courses must be completed with. Click here to learn more about IGETC for UC. Choose a California Community College to see course articulation information related to this major at this and.

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Hope you had a good semester.

Three courses required, one each from Group A, B and C. Students who expect to graduate from the college must file an application for a degree or certificate with the Office of Admissions and Records.

The online igec is for students who have completed the first 60 credits through IVC and who will complete their degree taking 60 credits in online coursework offered through the College of Business at UCCS. Igettc is very sarcastic and speaks his mind. We’re all counting on you.

Two courses required, one each from Group A and B. Criteria for determining General Education courses 1. Physical Education Requirements Students under 21 years of age are required.


In cases where the total requirement is less uvc 12 units, students must complete all of the courses in the certificate program at Irvine Valley College. One of the best instructors I’ve ever had. No specific course Score of These courses should provide theoretical and practical instruction in mass communication theory. Go to Main Screen.


Credit will be given in either Area D or Area E, not both. Doesn’t write much feedback on papers, but if you approach him for help he is more than willing to provide feedback. Such courses encourage students to be attentive to the health and well-being of their minds and bodies, resourceful about managing and improving the practical circumstances of their lives, and informed of ways and means by which the individual may promote lifelong personal health and personal development.

Click here to read more about this major on the campus web site. Students wishing to use a course taken prior to Fall to fulfill an IGETC requirement must be sure that the course was approved for the academic year in which it was taken.

Minimum of 3 additional semester units from D1 or D2 above. Transcripts must be received in a sealed envelope and can not be stamped “Issued to Student” to be considered official. Students who are paralleling the work More information. A minimum of 12 units of the 60 total semester units completed in residence at Irvine Valley College.

Curriculum is developed by the faculty in cooperation with advisory committees comprised of business and industry representatives. Responsibility for filing this application rests with the student, and transcripts for all college work attempted must be on file for the application to be considered.

From that background, engineering concepts and methods are added to give students exposure to circuit design, network design and digital signal processing. Tennessee Board of Regents. These principles influence the processes of human interaction, human behavior, and social institutions and help to define us individually and collectively as a society.


IGETC Certification represents only a portion of the 60 total units that students must complete before transferring. College students enrolled at accredited institutions may plan for their future at LMU by following the igeetc provided in the transfer agreements and meeting our transfer requirements and deadlines. Transfer students with a minimum 2.

Colleges that accept IGETC and CSU GE

Courses on this list are approved for the catalog year. He engages the class in lecture and promotes class discussion. College of San Mateo. San Diego City College.

Academics – Transfer Course Information | InsideCBU

Through the course of pursuing degrees and certificates from WVC, successful students will be able to: The Previous Equivalencies database can be accessed to see how courses from schools with no LMU Transfer Agreement have transferred in the past. Pepperdine University has entered into agreements with the following community colleges to accept vic courses for general education credit at Seaver College.

For his class he is a pretty easy grader but the classes themselves are kinda boring he’s smart but igerc not know exactly how to teach.

To ensure that this information is current, you should consult with a Liberal Studies counselor. Degree Plan Students are responsible for requesting the More information. Ivcc have completed those general education requirements for which equivalents have not been completed; 2. Choosing the right professor isn’t easy!