I took bayat online I read Darood Jawharat al Kamal only 11 times a day I took it from your website Would you please help me how. Jawharatul Kamal: Jewel of Perfection, treasury of the prophet S.A.W . reading of the Prayer of “Jawharat al-Kamal” by laying down a white. Jawharat al-Kamal (The Jewel of Perfection) (7 times daily). Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa `ayni ‘r-rahmati ‘r-rabbaaniyati wa ‘l-yaaqootati.

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Permission for Jawharat al-Kamaal |

Spreading the white piece of cloth on the ground while performing the wazifah or the haylalah is not an obligatory duty. One Arab went to the grave of our Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peaceand recited the verse from the Holy Qur’an: It has become a tradition among this blessed tijani community from the early years to celebrate the Mohammedian manifestation at the reading of the Prayer of “Jawharat al-Kamal” by laying down a white garment honouring the Ahmedi ascent.

Its should be recited only with Al-wudhu Ablution with water Recommendations 1. Should not be recited on the sea, air or in automobiles 4. A voice then came from our Prophet’s [May Allah bless him and grant him peace] grave, saying that Allah has forgiven your sins.

The esoteric meaning of this salat is only manifested ak the reader by Allah, its reality is observed when the reader is enigmatically absorbed in ql love of the prophet, hence, the mushahada of its reality is procurred.

Series of Salat has been written and recited besides Salat Ibrahimyyat. Shaykh Hishams mentions in his lecture: Numerical essence of Jawharatul Kamal It is righly claimed by gnostics of this tariqat tijaniyyat that the salat corroborates with the twelve thousand years of Ibadat of the prophet’s Nur before kaamal.


Audio and Video Links. Abdulai Shahaban 4 September at Recitation should be done in a clean place that can occupy six people and more 2.


He also laid down his dress for Dihaya al-Kalbi when he came to submit to Islam Dahiya when cried because of this and sl the noble dress kissed it and placed it on his head and eyes.

It is when a person dies and is wrapped up in a white piece of cloth and buried that he or she begin to reap the rewards of the good works that he or she has done on earth. Both the wazifah and the jawbarat can be done perfectly without this white piece of cloth being spread.

Finally I said, ‘and if I dedicate my supplication in its entirety to you? Unknown 8 December at Allah swt will forgivebig sins, min al-kabaair. It should be recited without omission of anywords, or else, the whole recitation is fault. That is the beginning of his or her journey to the hereafter. Sheikh Abdussalam Surajudeen Ajani 5 January at Send upon him blessings and salute him fully well in abundance” A person who fails to do any good works while alive will have nothing to fall upon when that second journey begins – the journey to a hereafter.

It is righly claimed by gnostics of this tariqat tijaniyyat that the salat corroborates with the twelve thousand years of Ibadat of the prophet’s Nur before creation. This journey is certainly longer and more demanding than our journey on earth.


I implore you my readers to be well engrossed in the recitation of Jawharatul Kamal adhering strictly to its regulations and recommendations. They are also of the view that the Salat has twelve divine statements which are claimed to be the inherent divine virtues of the the prophet SAW.

Full list see link below http: Unknown 10 August at It helps them to shun all the trivialities of this world. Sayyid as-Salawaat The Master of Salawaats 5. Translation and transliteration Transliteration: Bismillahi Babuna This is reply my to those that have issues with Sins being Forgiven through Salawat ‘ala Rasul as this was also posted on a Forum: O Allah, send benediction upon and salute on the Essence of Divine Mercy, the Accomplished Ruby encompassing the center of comprehensions and meanings, the Light of all created universes, the Adamic who possesses Lordly Truth; the all-filling Lightning in the rain-clouds of gains that fill all the intervening seas and receptacles; Your Bright Light with which You have filled Your creation and which surrounds all possible places.

Salawat ala Rasul Links.

It is done to dignify them and as a mark of respect and honour. After a while a Hashmi [a member of the Prophet’s May Allah bless him and jawyarat him peace] family came to him.