“The Growth of the Soil” is the novel by Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun which won him the Nobel Prize in Literature in Stylistically it has a simplicity which. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 18 by Knut Hamsun. Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. GROWTH. OF THE. SOIL. KNUT HAMSUN. Translated from the Norwegian of by W.W. WORSTER. [ORIGINAL TITLE “MARKENS GRØDE”]. Chapter I.

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Knowing how tough her life would be, she killed it. However, I must not indulge in homespun wisdom here before so distinguished an assembly, especially gdowth I am to be followed by a representative of science. Anything that goes against this is wrong, weak, spoiled and unnatural with the blame for such often lying in the midst of many an urbanized center.

I have had much to learn from Sweden’s poetry and, more especially, from her lyrics of the last generation. Geissler had finally sold his land and the mine was operational again. After the birth of her two boys: The man is strong and rough-hewn, with a red lion beard and little scars on face and hands, sites of old wounds–were they gotten at work or in a fight?

Saddening as it is, the knowledge made me a little more mindful and a lot less forgiving of the fundamental differences of opinion between the author and myself. One solitary praise, from another writer, H.


Growth of the Soil – Wikipedia

Sep 24, s. Aronsen was another very rich settler who set up a store in order to make profit from the many miners who would be in the area working on the mine near Sellanraa Isak’s farm. Groeth, Inger had given birth to another baby girl, Leopoldine, at the prison. Recommended for those who want a good look at the farmer’s life.

This whole question of the undeveloped, unwritten female perspective is not motivated by any a-priori ideological commitment to feminist principles of fairness here, I think.

Ultimately, it was the glorious reception that the book has been met with that made me decide on a lower rating. Oline had agreed to serve at the farm while Inger was serving her eight-year sentence in prison.

Growth Of The Soil

It was fortunate both for her and the child. Wasn’t sure whether to shelve this as “classics newly read” or “classics read anew.

Want to Sooil Currently Reading Read. View all 3 comments. The theme of hard work yielding results was evident throughout the book with Isak as an example. Some characters battle against the pall and pull of the wild. Axel Strom was the owner of Maaneland.

Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun

Rich in symbolism, it continues to resonate with modern readers today. Open Preview See a Problem? I know not what I should do—I know not what is the right thing to do, but I raise my glass to the youth of Sweden, to young people everywhere, to all that is young in life.


He is similar to his father in terms of strength. Oct 25, Ken rated it really liked it Shelves: She then had another son named Sivert.

Not everyone has the sheer luck to claim copper ridden land and not be cheated of it due to complete ignorance, tbe have that luck and ignorance extend to the realities of childbirth and just what physical and psychological traumas can occur due to having a womb, a male home provider who wants sex, and no contraception.

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Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun

Sivert was shocked and advised his brother not to go but seeing that this was futile, he gave him 25 kroner for his journey. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to join a back-to-the-land movement. But I have never yet found the story. That winter, Barbro went to the village to visit the dentist. From Lieutenant Thomas Glahn’s Papersbut it certainly transcends most books.

Has he experienced the anxiety, has he felt the excruciating pain and woe and screams? It is no surprise the Nobel committee honored him with the Tge Prize for Literature in shortly after this novel achieved great success.