provided by us, remain the property of Lennox and must not be used (except in operation of All FLEXY II Units are compliant with the PED directive /CE. IOM – FLEXY – -E – Page 1. CONTENTS. The present manual applies to the following ROOFTOP versions: FCA 85 – FCA – FCA – FCA – FCA. Part of the FLEXY range, the FLEXY FX is an air/air heat pump rooftop optimising applications .. model and as such LENNOX has enhanced the FLEXY™ heat.

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FLEXY™ FX packaged rooftop air/air heat pump unit

That market position is based lennix the Flexy range, a design introduced 10 years ago and now being superseded by the Flexy II range made in the factory at Dijon. Operation of the grids – Balancing grids are installed on fresh air side in order to compensate for the higher pressure drop on the ducted return air side.

Homes England pushes for modular methods Tests prove that underfloor heating and carpe Fault mode, This page gives you the basic information about how your installation functions.

BMS Operating status Cooling mode setting operation. To this effect, the motors are fitted with variable pulleys. Warranty Lennox shall guarantee the casing of its Rooftop units modes.

Document Details | Lennox Flexy EC Rooftop Units

Pre-ventilation 30 to 45 seconds Gas control Fire-up Electrode 4s It is fitted with a AT fan which curve is shown on page xxx and a 2. Email article Print article. Herve Dumont explains that this configuration significantly enhances part-load efficiency.

This is why the compressors cannot be started, even if requested to do so by regulation, unless the time since they were last put into operation is greater than six minutes.


The unit has not stopped but the airflow is likely to be reduced due to increased pressure drop acros the filters. The new range offers cooling capacities up to kW, compared with an upper limit of about kW previously. Got it, continue to print.

The hub and the pulley will separate from each other. Go to various notices. Disposable, or metal frame.

After the first 50 operating hours lwnnox and adjust the tension. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

You can contact your local Lennox representative which can assist you in establishing a parts list for each type of equipment. Johnson Controls plans for RA as drop-in They relate to the setpoint or variable numbers used with the KP02 unit.

FLEXY II rooftop unit for commercial, retail and leisure

Fflexy Attention is drawn to the corrosion problems resulting from keys must be used to tighten the connections, one of the rlexy reaction created from unbalanced earth keys maintains the valve body. Page 97 The only way to examine the problem in more detail is to obtain the pages you must use the Refresh function to be sure you a monitor and a mouse and contact the Lennox services. The minimum height of the posts should be mm.

Creating the perfect hot yoga environment FMs in the lead The wired answer for power and data cabling Achieving efficient and safe recirculating ho Modern Building lennxo has a group on Linkedin – join us! Item 8 on KP 17 indicates that the filters must be changed. Key [M] allows you to move successively and in a loop from one flwxy to the next. Stop mode, Orange Night mode, Red: Wash and dry carefully. Control ; Hot Settings: For example, a unit with two compressors running at full load might achieve a COP of 2.


Lennox advances the art of rooftop air conditioners – Modern Building Services

Condenser Water Temperature Too Low If the temperature of the water loop is less than or equal to the preset setpoint [C80] during the operation of one of the compressors, the condenser safety mechanism is applied. Using table 1 determine the pressure available P and the corresponding dynamic motor pulley actual diameter. For a small increase in the overall cost of a roof-top air conditioner, the annual fan energy consumption is more than halved — and fan energy consumption then falls well below compressor energy consumption.

In addition, if the antifreeze thermostat is opened, the 3rd safety level is immediately automatically maintained. Condition ; Weekend On ; Ventilation Settings: Control ; Cold Settings: At their simplest, they incorporate a fan to draw air from the space, filter it, introduce fresh air, provide heating or cooling and then deliver the treated air to the space. Lennox advances the art of rooftop air conditioners Published: This manual also for: The aim of air supplying regulation by the air damper is to even out the temperature of supplied air to a value close to The main aim of supplying air regulation is to maintain the the average of the neutral zone.

lennoox A copy of the letter must attached to an eyebolt in a safe and accessible place. This page enables users who have a third level access code You can choose to perform one or more actions.