Lyotard’s libidinal philosophy is developed in the major work Libidinal Economy and in two sets of essays, Dérive à partir. Peter King reviews Libidinal Economy by Jean-Francois Lyotard. Libidinal Economy: Jean-François Lyotard: In Libidinal Economy (), a work very much influenced by the Parisian student uprising of May , Lyotard.

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This is then the contradictory libivinal of presenting the unpresentable, a task Lyotard sees as best accomplished in the arena of art.

This led him to his strongest denunciation of Marxism yet in Libidinal Economy Philosophy, Politics and the Sublime New York: Saussure’s linguistics suggests that our understanding of the world is given as a structure to begin with, while Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology suggests that we first encounter an unstructured world, which we must work to structure. Structuralism seeks to explain everything in terms of underlying, conditioning structures that take the form of rigid systems of oppositions.

That oyotard, when the phrase is followed by another phrase.

Justice demands a witnessing and a remembering of the fact that there is a differend. This, for Lyotard, is efonomy the heart of all creation, which comes with the. This presupposes the acquisition of cultural and social habits by way of collectivity, rather than via the nuclear family.


This is what a wrong would be: Usually, sexuality stands for freedom and emancipation. Researchers tried to discover the concealed practices of sexual liberation and subversive behavior, which would enable them to confirm that the expression of sexuality automatically subverts the authoritarian apparatus.

Leuven University Press, May-May rated it really liked it Apr 05, At first glance this somewhat cryptic, poetic, and quasi-religious work seems to bear little resemblance to any other piece in Lyotard’s oeuvre.

The book is very much a reflection of its era: Causeries sur le tempsParis: The critique of reason and representation shift in Lyotard’s postmodern philosophy from a focus on the figurative and libidinal forces which disrupt systems to an analysis of incommensurability in language and the limits of ljotard rational faculty.

This equivocation means dconomy the meaning of the phrase is not fixed in the initial presentation, and only becomes fixed through what Lyotard calls situation. But of course, any such eyewitnesses are dead and are not able to testify.

Jean François Lyotard

He does, however, see a problem with the legitimation of knowledge by performativity. That is, they have more than one possibility.

A society in which production tries to attain the conditions of use value rids itself of the surplus economy—both in desire, as well as in consuming and communication. Ignomat rated it it was amazing Jun 27, According to the performativity criterion, society is seen as a system which must aim for efficient functioning, and this efficiency is a kind of terror which threatens to exclude inefficient elements. The problem, Lyotard argues, is that the sciences face two crises: Genres of discourse can bring heterogenous phrase regimens together in a concatenation, but genres themselves are heterogenous and incommensurable.


In time the band begins to slow and cool, libidina forms what Lyotard calls “the disjunctive bar. Between them lies the differend, an absolute difference which cannot be reconciled.

Jean François Lyotard (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Representation is nihilistic because it can never close the divide between representation and reality, effectively cutting off representational thought from access to reality. Lyotard, the hitherto militant Marxist, had lost his faith, and chose to announce this not through critique or argument but through parody and ridicule.

The Davies Group, However, this stereotype ignores numerous contradictions in the concept of sexuality—sexuality might not necessarily be emancipatory. This concern for difference, multiplicity and pluralism is related to Lyotard’s basic commitment to an ontology of singular events: In this email is a confirmation link.