formed from the respective gases on absorption in water (Lipiec and Szmal,. ). Carbon monoxide was detected by a standard method using Drager’s. Lipiec and Szmal, T. Lipiec, Z. SzmalChemia Supniewski, J. SupniewskiPreparatyka Nieorganiczna Roczniki Chemii, 5 (), pp. . [21] T. Lipiec and Z. S. Szmal, Chemia analityczna z elementami analizy [23] G. Charlot, Analiza nieorganiczna jakościowa (Qualitative.

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A Textbook of Hydrometallurgy, Gupta C. Beilstein, Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents.

1 Advanced methods of identification of organic compounds

Confidence intervals for parameters and prediction in regression. Passerini and Ugi condensations. Examples of low molecular weight compound libraries. The main aims and functions of science and technology Lec 11 from the point of view of the sociology of scientific knowledge. Acquisition of knowledge on electron spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules including application of the group theory in chemistry.

A Stradivarius Christmas / making off | Éditions du temps qui passe

Test for independence in contingency tables. Application for the following classical reactions with square planar palladium and copper complexes: Nuclear materials used in nuclear powers – nuclear fuel, moderators, absorbents of neutrons and shielding materials.

Basic knowledge of physical chemistry General description of metallurgical processes — unit operations of hydro- and pyrometallurgy Alkali metals and alkaline earth metals — general properties, abundance, minerals, production and application of metals Metallic elements of group — general properties and Number of hours 2 3 2 2 Lec4 Lec5 Lec6 production, allotropy, aluminum, oxide and hydroxide of aluminum, amphoteric properties of aluminum and gallium, indium and thallium.

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Chemistry and application of metals Main field of study if applicable: House, Modern synthetic reactions, A. The tree-dimensional space groups. Second, Completely Revised and Updated Edition. Basic principles and applications, 3 wydanie, Wiley, [30] T. One and two electron integrals. Construction of electrochemical setups. Glycosides play numerous important roles in living organisms. Stilbenes are a small family of plant secondary metabolites derived from the phenylpropanoid pathway, and produced in a number of unrelated plant species.

Student has understands and applies basic notions of mathematical analysis. Actinides — general properties, abundance, production and application. Guaiaphenezin — Wiliamson ether synthesis from guaiacol — a component of suspensions and tablets.

Radioactive measurements of uranium and thorium raw materials with multichannel gamma spectrometer. Dewick, Kipiec natural products, Wiley [19] J. Some examples of asymmetrical applications will be presented.

Having completed the course, the student: Interdisciplinary charakter of molecular modeling. Many such plant glycosides are used as medications. Lec 10 Search for non-platinum antitumor metal complexes.


Relating to social competences: Perform statistical analysis of linear regression and one-factor analysis of variance.

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Combinatorial libraries and their types, fundamental concepts. Unguentum undecylenicum — qualitative and quantitative analyzes of undecylenic acid and its zinc salt form. Basic Principles and applications, ed. Familiarization students with unit operations of hydrometallurgical processes Acquainting students with theory of metallurgical processes Familiarization students with technological processes that are use for production of Cu, Co, Ni, Au, PGM Familiarization students with environmental aspects of hydrometallurgy Teaching students a practical performing of unit processes of hydrometallurgy in laboratory scale together with chemical analysis of selected products of process.

Ionization energy, electron affinity. Acids and bases according to the Lewis, Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowry, electrolytic dissociation, the dissociation constant of the acid or base, strong and weak acids and bases, the degree of dissociation, proteolytic reactions.

Determining the cell volume. The analysis of Gripex biologically active components.