The Mamiya RB67 Pro SD camera is the latest development in the enduring RB67 series. This version features a larger lens mount opening and still accepts all. The Mamiya RB67 Professional SD is a modular medium format SLR film camera famous for it’s versatility and big beautiful 6x7cm format images. Introduced in. The Mamiya RB67 was designed to stand alongside Mamiya’s equally robust C series of 6×6 TLRs and Mamiya RB67 – Pro SD v7 film back.

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Especially useful with 50 and 65mm lenses where threaded filters may cause vignetting. I was recently lucky enough to buy from ebay an original Mamiya canvas holdall designed for the RB It offers a choice of helicoid or camera bellows focusing.

Mamiya Legacy – Mamiya RB67 Pro SD

I know it is generally considered a studio camera but I really enjoy doing landscape work with it; especially with the WLF, although it forces one to twist the mind a bit if not used to the backward view. Variable Diopter, Flip-up Magnifier Attached to the prism finder, it assures enhanced precision focusing by magnifying the central portion of the screen.

The built-in floating element system allows correction of edge sharpness for copy work down to 1: Including Waist Level Finder. Applications include copywork, macro and close-up photography of all objects from product photography to flowers. The click stops can be at half-stop aperture settings, but the shutter speeds can only be set at full stops. Shutter Release Camera body accepts standard mechanical cable releases.


Camera Review: Me and my Mamiya RB67 Pro-S « EMULSIVE

It is possible to hand hold it, but you really need the strap to help brace it, and my camera did not come with one. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Closing the finder is much easier and requiring only pinching the sides to collapse.

The waist level finder had been changed a bit. Actual Polaroid image proo is 72 x 72mm. Fully meter coupled with built-in Film Speed Dial. All format 35mm format 65mm ad Large format Medium format. Includes waist mammiya finder and matte screen. Write a customer review. There is slight fog in rear lens. Applications include long distance landscape, aerial, industrial and wildlife photography. I participate from Japan.

Mamiya Lenses Mamiya lenses are designed and built for today’s foremost photographers who expect their equipment to provide both outstanding and distinctive results.

Also accepts 3″ plastic filters. I use the camera exclusively on the tripod. Checker Same as Matte, but with perpendicular grid. Possible with multiple exposure lever on rollfilm backs.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. For mirror lockup photography a shutter release cable is recommended.

Later, dedicated RB67 Polaroid backs were introduced that mounted directly to the RB67 instead of through a P-adapter. It was sold for over 15 years. This was a feature on the original, but a majority of them did not include the printing. These lenses are multi-coated.

This lever also cocks the shutter. Although it is possible to consult your eyecare specialist to ask for your “diopter correction” number, in our experience it is best to try it for yourself. Also shop in Also shop in. Applications include landscape, architecture and photojournalism. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The RB67 Pro SD is a complete mechanical SLR camera system which accepts interchangeable viewfinders, interchangeable multi-format film backs which can be rotated and a comprehensive list ma,iya lenses and accessories.


Not suitable for mm APO or 75mm Shift lenses. One of the greatest money saving devices available. A majority of the lenses use a screw on 77mm filter making it much easier to swap filters between lenses.

With the Front Lens Hood used on the Bellows Lens Hood G-3, it is possible to use mm lens or longer focal length lenses, except for mm zoom lens and ed lenses. You can get replacement seal kits from aki-asahi. A depth of field preview lever is also built-in to the lens.

Warranty & Support

The L lenses are compatible with the Pro-SD onlydue to the fact they need a larger “throat” to mount on the camera. The noise the mirror makes puts a smile on my face, the […]. I am Ezequiel Grimaldi and this is why I…. As with anything on the RB though, this is part of the fun and challenge.

Each lens element is precisely polished and coated using Mamiya’s proprietary multi-coating process pto increase light transmission, dramatically reduce flare, ensure crisp, clean whites and vibrant, yet natural colors.